Lurk Federation
The Federative Republics of Lurk
Lurkská Federace

Aurora Nova, Nova Victoria
Der Hohenfriedberger Marsch
Lurk Federation map
Capital city Redwood City
Largest city Redwood City
Official language(s) Czech, English, Aerian
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Lurkish
- Prime Minister Alex White
- Director of Great Assembly Matthew Burklandssen
Legislature Federative Republic
Established 25th. June 2011
Population 11
Time zone Central European Time, Lurkish main time
National animal Cat

Lurk Federation, or simply Lurk was a landlocked unrecognised constitutional democratic nation, classified as Micronation that was established on 25 June 2011. The micronation is located in Czech Republic and is bordered by the Prague with population of 8 citizens. After the official foundation of the NSSR Lurk became a soviet federative socialist republic inside that nation. Later, Monovia left the NSSR and the NSSR was disestablished. Since then, Lurk Federation advanced quite greatly - developed new currency and ID System.

Currently, only the Noble Republic of Lurk is the successor of Lurk Federation.

In May 2012, it was found that Lurk Federation never left United Provinces of Utopia, making it territory of Utopia. In Utopia, it reformed into Archduchy of Lurk .

It has very strong ties with Monovia, Flatland and Burkland.


On June 25, 2011. Alex founded LurkSAR and declared it as an independent, socialist micronation and claimed his home and nearby forest and hill as territory of LurkSAR. During that day, he was contacted by Flatland and Grunkia, who wished to open diplomatic relations and offered assistance. The second day the government changed to republic.

First Utopia

History of Lurk
Kingdom of Bohemia
Habsburg monarchy
Lurk Republic
First Utopia
Lurk Federation
Second Utopia
United Provinces of Utopia

24 August of 2011, nation Monovia came with idea of establishing an union of micronations. Few micronations only on the YouTube sector (which Lurk used to be) joined the Utopia (or First Utopia) along with Monovia, Lurk, Pashema and later Baconia in September of 2011. It was quite successful and the nation was highly active, but later numerous disputes occurred - self-proclaimed president, proclamation of monarchy which majority did not agree with and revolution planned by Monovia.

Collapse of Utopia and Federation

Few days later, the First Utopia was abandoned and Lurk proclaimed federation of Lurk Republic and Acrest. Few new-union ideas emerged, but all were rejected. Although Utopia was never disestablished, many nations started to exist as independent. Technically, they were still part of the Utopia and they still are - but Utopia remains inactive.

Second Utopia and Navassa

In December 2011, the Second Utopia or revival of Utopia with Libertas, Pashema, Underwoodia and Lurk. The Utopia was officially established on 24 December and few days later started to expand. Many name and system changes were considered, so the Utopia changed to Navassa. The Navassa was abandoned in January 2012, but never disestablished officially.

Independency and the NSSR

Later, Lurk continued as independent micronation with strong ties with former members of the Navassa. In March 2012 Lurk Federation had internal inactivity crisis and it was considered to be dissolved. Then, leader of Monovia quickly came with idea of NSSR, which also failed because Monovish citizens wanted sovereignty. A week later, the NSSR fell.

Lurk Federation today

A month later, Indonovia was established and Lurk gave area of Newtopia to the new federation. Also, 6 April Lurk declared independence and sent first, short version of Lurkish Declaration of Independence to the United Nations by internet. Also, Lurk proclaimed no intentions to join any new unions.

Earlier history

Alex White's father created his own micronation around 2005, but it only had name and government. Later in 2008, Alex had a geofictional country (located on planet Earth) with his friend. The fictional country was called Yugoslavia and it's capital city was Split, Croatia. It was a republic, but it was later declared as kingdom with a toy hamster being the king (both nations had toys as only citizens). Their fictional castle was called Ravensburg, and was later built from snow.

The fictional "Yugoslavia" is in orange color, PKP is in blue. Areas that are not remembered where did they belong have horizontal lines in them with color indicating which nation did they probably belong to.

Many maps and pictures of Yugoslavia were made, but otherwise Yugoslavia was underdeveloped, comparing to PKP - they had their own language, renamed local places and many other. The fate of PKPisunknown, in late 2008 or early 2009 the friend moved to other city, and Alex lost his contact. The Yugoslavia was still functioning, the last map was made in 2010 and was still continuing, but only in mind of Alex White.

In 2011, Alex found YouTube sector of micronations, and quickly joined it.

Government and politics

Lurk's only party is the communist party with Matthew Burklandssen as chairman. However, this isn't as popular as being an independent politician. The Leader of Government is Ryan van Der Linden. Lurk has two ministries, Ministry of Inland and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ministry of Inland affairs

Duties of Ministry of Inland affairs are:

  • To ensure economical growth, transportation, social security in the whole federation.

Governmental organizations


Lurkish Military is developing plans for ballistic missiles from old model rocket engines. The progress is currently a secret.


Lurk has constitution and adopted almost all Czech laws, with some additional. The Federation also accepts animals as citizens with limited rights [1] resulting in animal rights being highly respected here. Also, motion to expand bureaucracy passed and now, Lurk Federation has an effective system of bureaucracy and national ID system.

The Lurk Federation uses QR codes and numbers as identification. The number can be putted into database to be verified. The database contains more data than the QR code.



1δ - Front

Lurk Federation has a semi-free enterprise - all companies are forced to be in Lurkish National Inc. - a conglomerate. The conglomerate works as tool for outside trade, more effective administrative system and prohibits monopolistic firms to dictate high prices or use people for their cause. Most important companies are state-owned(infrastructure, transport..). The official currency is Lurkish Delta ( δ - from the Greek lowercase letter Delta, usage of Δ is also possible).


Lurk shares continental climate with Czech Republic. Water bodies include Nek River, Nekker Lake, Maul Pond and various other ponds. There are also two large NNRs (National Nature Reserve), Lurk Hills and Acrest forest (including most of Acrest). Also, one of protected animals are cats which are not registered as citizens with limited rights. The cat population is monitored, well-fed and cared about.

"> <center>Acrestian National Nature Reserve</center> <center><a href=Nek River in Lurk Hills NNR">

Foreign relations

Lurk Federation has a very friendly and open foreign policy towards micronations.

Federative Republics

Lurk Federation consist of two federative republics.

Name Flag Coat of arms Size (approx.) Citizens Governor Description
LurkSAR Flag of the LurkSAR Lurkcoa(Provisional) <60 km² 7 Matthew Burklandssen Hills, forest, lake and Nek river. Includes some urban areas.
Acrest Acrestflag Acrestcoa 25 km² 1 Ryan van der Linden Forest, Includes one small non-connected house based territory.


  1. According to citizenship act, animals have limited citizen rights (not having voting rights, for example). Also, there must be a responsible person for the animal, resp. the person who requested citizenship for that animal, if not stated otherwise.


Noble Republic of Lurk