RED: Royalist areas PURPLE: Republican area


The Lutheranian Crisis began on the 23rd of May when the Imperial Council uncovered a plot by the Nations Archbishop and Her Royal Highness Princess Katie to bring harm upon the Monarch and Imperial Family. Upon Discovery the True intentions of the plot have been uncovered.


The Traitors plans where simple and to the point:

  • The Overthrow of His Imperial & Royal Highness King Michael I
  • Dissolution of the Imperial Family
  • Dissolution of the Aristocracy
  • Independence of Mull, ulva, Iona, and staffa as Independent Republics
  • Dissolution of the Imperial Council
  • Dissolution of the Church of Lutherania
  • Set up a Dictatorship over the realm of Lutherania

Actions started Immediately

The Government evacuated the Imperial family to the safety of Mull and His Majesty followed on the 27th May. The Government suspended all political actions within the nation to tackle the crisis as subjects within the Kingdom started to chose sides. The government stated that it will do it's best to stop the country from going down the road of Civil War. The Grand Duchy, the two Crown Dependencies and the overseas territory all stated their support for His Majesty and His Government.


On 5th of June it was unveiled that the government of Lutherania officially had a rival in the Lutheranian Crisis. The Lutheranian Republican Movement had been set up by the Supporters of the Archbishop and Princess. The Movement maintained the aims of the Abolition of the Monarchy but believed in the creation of a federal republic not independent states. The Imperial council created its first and only party The Lutheranian Unionist and Royalist party to counter this new development in the Lutheranian crisis. 10th June The kingdom of lutherania signs over to the LRM as the Lutheranian aristocracy flees to Mull were the Imperial family have been evacuated. 11th June The Government of The Grand Duchy of Mull (Lutheranian Imperial Council in exile) declared that Civil war has started in the Kingdom of Lutherania. The LRM had control of Lutherania while the LURP has control of the Grand Duchy of Mull, the Crown dependencies of Iona and Ulva and the overseas territory of Staffa. 16th June All Imperial Council operations had been handed over to the Lutheranian Unionist and Royalist Party who are the supporters of the Old Kingdom of Lutherania. The LURP were been charged by His Majesty to win over the defected population who had sided with the Lutheranian Republican Movement. 24th june LRM loses support from people in the provinces of lutherania. 29th June former Princess Katie handed her self over to the LURP believing she would be shown mercy.


1st July Former Princess Katie is stripped of her title and banished from the kingdom. 15th July Archbishop refused to acknowledge HI&RH the King as true Sovereign of Lutherania and tries to create outside enemies against His Majesty. 20th July The LURP and Imperial Council move back to lutherania from Mull. 25th July Civil War is declared over with The Archbishop fleeing to the United Kingdom. His Majesty returns to the Kingdom as true Sovereign.


  • Lutheranian Republican Party
- Headed by former Archbishop Andrew and former Princess Katie 
- Controls the territory of the Constituent country of Lutherania
- Supporters 5
  • Lutheranian Unionist and Royalist Party
- Headed By Her Grace Lady Beth 
- Controls the Grand Duchy of Mull, CD's of Iona and Ulva and the OT of Staffa
- Supporters The Imperial Family, The Lutheranian Aristocracy and 15 Subjects.


following the civil war two constitutional reforms were implemented in the Kingdom. MONARCH: The Monarch is to become more ceremonial but still retain executive power in the Kingdom whilst relinquishing the legislative powers to the Imperial Council. The Monarch holds vast reserve powers that upon the passing of "The Act of Activation of the Monarch" puts the Monarch in a temporary absolute position. GOVERNMENT: The Government now comprises of two political parties : the Lutheranian unionist and royalist party and the lutheranian republican movement. The Imperial Council has full legislative powers.No changes to the Grand Synod.

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