Maerten Language
Spoken in 306891 3061192548748 779667659 n-1- Mahuset
Total speakers 2
Language family ILU Language Family
  • Mahusetoni-Radoni Languages
    • Proto Maerten
      • Maerten
Writing system Latin
Regulated by Mahuset

Maerten (Maersch) is a regional language of Mahuset

Dutch Maertan
Ik ben inwoner van Alkmaar Ick sijt inwoner van Alckmaer
Hij is koninklijk Hij sijt konincklijck
GCOAMahuset Mahuset
People Emiel Hardy • Nuri van Dijk
Other Parliament • Political Parties
Languages MahusetanCefi Maertan
Politics, Foreign Relations
Unrecognized Macronations Palestine
Others Relations with Micronations
History Emiel's WorldMatsiaKingdom of Ihuset

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