United Kingdom of Greater Mahuset and the Mahusetan Realm

Mahusetoni Vetriana
Mahusetoni Vetriana
Capital city Alkmaar
Largest city Alkmaar
Official language(s) English, Dutch and Italic Mahusetan
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Mahusetan
Government Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
- King Emilo I
- Prime Minister (and Prince of Radon) Nuri I
- Ruler of Matsia Matthies Kersbergen
Legislature Triumphant Parliament
- Type - Unicameral
Established 29th of May, 2012 / Maunesh 1, 0 AM
Population 122
Currency Mahusetan Vetriana-Gulda
Time zone (GMT+22m)
National drink Dubbelfrisss
National animal Domestic Cat
Internet Domain .mah

Mahuset, officially the United Kingdom of Greater Mahuset and the Mahusetan Realm is a self-declared independent nation-state, commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers, with claims in Europe, Antarctica, and Asia. It is governed as a federation, with various systems in its numerous states. Mærtan Ihuset, Radon and Dutch Matsia together make up mainland Mahuset, in Northwestern Europe.

Mahuset is a federated state and a constitutional democratic monarchy with a king, Emilo I and administered by a parliament known as the Triumphant Parliament. While the laws of the states are subordinate to federal law, the federal government does not have any regulations on the means for administering states and as such the states all have their own unique system of governance. It is regarded as a minor inter-micronational diplomatic power and a leading cultural and political power in Europe.

Mahuset, with a mixed market capitalist economy, ranks as having a high level of income equality. It is frequently ranked as a happy and lowly corrupt nation. The national language, Italic Mahusetan, is closely related to Italian, Dutch, Radonic, and English. Mahuset is the only surviving successor to the now defunct Mahusetan predecessors which are the Kingdom of Ihuset, the Kingdom of Matsia, the Kingdom of Radon and all Cookielandic and Kittylandic states.

Mahuset is a "Fifth World" micronation with a score of 10 under the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System, and scores 4.2 on the Categoric-Gradial/Linden's (Revised) System.


Early Mahuset era (May-November 2012)

Mahuset was founded as a unity between Matsia and Ihuset, the original name was: "United Nations of Mahuset" but it had quickly changed to: "Royal United Nations of Mahuset". It was inspired by Ancient Rome and Holland. Mahuset quickly gained diplomacy and a great significance within the MicroWikia community. Vetria had established Diplomatic Relations with Mahuset in this era.

Modern Mahusetan era (November 2012 - Present)

Mahuset had the first stable government in this era. It changed from "Royal United Nations of Mahuset" to "Kingdom of Mahuset", and from "Kingdom of Mahuset" to "Confederated Kingdom of Mahuset" and back to "Kingdom of Mahuset" which is the current stable government. At this time the Eniakist ideology was started and gained a great significance. When the Eniakisation of Mahuset started, Mahuset started to reach a higher HDI fairly quick. Due to the rapid expansion of Eniakism which had been deemed similar to the Rise of Communism, the Ashukov Federation banned Eniakism and with that the relations with Mahuset. The Triumphant Parliament had started in this era which marked the end of the pure Eniakist government and the start of the first semi-Eniakist government since May 2013.



Mahuset uses the Triumphant Parliament which was based on the Eniakist parliament, it is a semi-direct democracy as referendums shall be held under the people for the opinions about the national decisions.


Mahusetan Triumphs
Emilo I (King of Mahuset) Nuri I (Prime Minister of Mahuset) Matthies Kersbergen (Ruler of Matsia)
EmiloPhoto NuriPhoto MatthiesPhoto

Political Parties

Name Logo Founded Ideology Position Seats Leader
MER MER 2012 Eniakism Centre
3 / 9
Emilo I
Kerindy Party Kerindy 2014 Truth Close left - Centre Left
1 / 9
Matthies Kersbergen
Party for Freedom of Speech Freedomspeech 2012 Populism Far right
1 / 9
Karin Kesselaar
Simplicity Party Simple 2013 Simplism Far Left
2 / 9
Stendert van Amersfoort
Independent None 2013 Independent Various
2 / 9

Prime Minister

Name Term Length Notes
Mahuset Era
Old Matsia Matthies Kersbergen 5th of June, 2012 - 12th of November, 2012 Was kicked from the position for inactivity.
Radon Old Nuri van Dijk 12th of November, 2012 - 11th of May, 2013 Was kicked from the position because he didn't take his job seriously and for inactivity.
OldIhuset Emilo I 11th of May, 2013 - 7th of May, 2014 2nd term. Got kicked from the position due to the Treaty of Matsia.
Matsia Flag Matthies Kersbergen 7th of May, 2014 - 28th of June, 2014 2nd term. Resigned as Prime Minister.
Radon Flag (CentraalRadon) Nuri I 28th of June, 2014 - current 2nd term.

Foreign Relations

Mahuset is a minor diplomatic power and has established foreign relations with various other micronations.

Diplomatic Relations

Vetriaflagdesign1 Republic of Vetria

Derskov-Viadalvia flag Confederate States of Derskov-Viadalvia

PrincipalityMonoviaflag Principality of Monovia

Mutual Recognition

Hasanistan (1)

Republic of Hasanistan

Informal Relations/Friendship


Second Empyre of Slin

Molossia flag Republic of Molossia

Flag of Sabovia Principality of Sabovia



Logo of Oxocero Holdings, which provides employment for many Mahusetans.

Mahuset has a mixed-market capitalist economy. Most, if not all, Mahuset are lower-middle class to upper-middle class. There is very little income inequality. Major private Mahusetan businesses include Oxocero Holdings, PP Holdings, Post le Mahusetoni and MahusetoniTV.

The currency of Mahuset is the Vetriana-Gulda, which is regulated by the Mahusetan Central Bank. The MCB is under direct control of the Mahusetan Government.

Largest Companies

Rank Name Headquarters
1. Oxocero Holdings Alkmaar
2. PP Holdings Lareanit, Northern Avernoi
3. Post le Mahusetoni Alkmaar
4. MahusetoniTV Alkmaar
5. Reedani Winkcentaur Baedio
6. Respel Fraterio
7. Fraternis Tdown Fraterio
8. Central Television Broadcasting Lareanit, Northern Avernoi


Mahuset has a temperate climate, and rainfall is constant. The seasons are quite variable in temperature, however temperatures rarely fall below −5 °C (23 °F) or rise above 30 °C (86 °F). Snowfall can occur in winter and early spring.

States and Federal departments

Mahuset is a federation of numerous states, also called territories, who are guaranteed numerous rights outlined in the constitution.

Flag Emblem Name Political Realm Population Parliamental Delegates Head of State Head of Government
MaertanIhuset MaertanIhusetArms County of
Mærtan Ihuset
MahusetTri Pink Unity 43[1] Emilo I Emilo I Karin I
Radon Flag Radon Arms Principality of
MahusetTri Pink Unity 73[2] Nuri I
Nuri I
Matsia Flag Matsia Arms State of
MahusetTri Pink Unity 4 Matthies Kersbergen
Matthies Kersbergen
States in the Mahusetan Realm
Jenava JenavaLogo Principality of
Jenava Jenava 0[3] Jeroen I
Jeroen I
Kanifa Kanifa Arms County of
United Kanifa
MahusetTri Pink Unity 1 Shady Morsi
Shady Morsi
Starnia Starnia Arms Republic of
Starnia Starnia 1 Hasan Çakar
Hasan Çakar
MatiasSopha MatiasSopha Arms County of
Matias and Sopha
MahusetTri Pink Unity 0 Vacant

License Plates

Mahuset uses the MELP-standard for license plates, it originated in Mahuset after the government saw the need for license plates. There are License Plates codes that specify if it is a special kind of license plate. The codes are:

  • Royal Family (123 replaced with ROY)
  • Taxis (01 replaced with TX)



Example of Mahusetan Road Signage

Mahusetan road signage is based on the road signage at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol which was designed by Mijksenaar.

Meanings of colours


  • Standard Directions


  • Public Facilities
  • Shops
  • Touristic Facilities


  • Other information


  • Escape routes



Diagram of the Mahusetan Education system

As a micronation, Mahuset has no authority over education but it does have a proposed educational system. Children from the age 1 tot 12 are on the Jongschool (English: Youngschool, Dutch equivalent: Basisschool), after that they will get the Cito or the Nio test to see what level the person has. He can go to five different levels which are Laagvoor Praktijk (English: Lowfor Practice, Dutch equivalent: VMBO BBL), Laagvoor Erna (English: Lowfor Afterthat, Dutch equivalent: VMBO GL), Laagvoor Ervoor (English: Lowfor beforethat, Dutch equivalent: VMBO KBL), Laagvoor Gemiddeld (English: Lowfor Average, Dutch equivalent: VMBO TL), Middelvoor (English: Averagefor, Dutch equivalent: HAVO), Hoogvoor (English: Highfor, Dutch Equivalent: VWO) and Praktijkwerkschool (English: Practiceworkschool, Dutch equivalent: Praktijk school), all of them fall under the Voorwekschool (English: Beforeworkschool), all levels except the Praktijkwerkschool have the Brugjongschool (English: Bridgeyoungschool) which is as an introduction to the Voorwerkschool. After that people go to the Werkschool where you get your certificates for work, it has various levels that you can see on the diagram.


Mahuset allows all states to have their own culture but most states use either the Original Mahusetan culture. The Original Mahusetan culture is a hybrid of Germanic and Romance cultures.

Mahusetan Cross flag

The first Mahusetan flag with an Mahusetan Cross


There are various languages that originated in Mahuset, they're known as the Mahusetoni-Radoni languages. These are:

  • Emilan ✝
  • Proto-Mærtan✝
  • Mærtan✝
  • Italic Mahusetan
  • Cefi✝
  • Ćanif ✝
  • Radonic
  • Mahusetan (in development)

✝ signifies a dead language

Some languages originating outside of Mahuset are also used in Mahuset. They are:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Slin-Englysh
  • Hasani


One traditional festivity in Mahuset (but also in the Netherlands) is the feast of Sint Nicolaas or Sinterklaas. It is celebrated on 4-6 December in families, especially in families with little children. Another tradition is beschuit met muisjes when people come to visit a new-born baby and his/her mother and get the beschuit met muisjes.


Mahusetan Cifa

Mahusetan Cifa

Mahuset does not have a big variety of traditional cuisine. However, Cifa, made from Potatoes, Cheese and Bacon, is a very common Mahusetan dish. Dutch cuisine, as well as Chinese, Indonesian, English, and Italian food, are popular among the Mahusetans too.


Mahuset is known for it's mix of cultures. The cultures which are mixed respectively are: Germanic Cultures (40% Dutch, 20% English, 20% Nordic), Romance Cultures (15% Italian, 2,5% other cultures) and Other cultures (2,5%). One of the traditional Mahusetan things are the languages and the Mahusetan Cross. Mahuset celebrates the Dutch victory against the Spanish army (in 1573) on 8 october.


Mahuset has various holidays and they are:

Date English name Dutch name Remarks
1st of January New Year's Day Nieuwjaar The day before is called "Old Year's Day" and not "New Year's Eve."
9th of January Prince Day Prinsdag Celebration of the birth of Jeroen I.
March/April Good Friday Goede Vrijdag It is also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday, Black Friday, or Easter Friday.
March/April Easter Eerste Paasdag en Tweede Paasdag The Mahusetans celebrate two days of Easter (on Sunday and the subsequent Monday).
4th of May Remembrance of the dead Dodenherdenking Remembrance of the deaths in the Second World War.
5th of May Liberation Day Bevrijdingsdag Celebration of the 1945 capitulation of German forces in World War II.
29th of May Mahuset Day Mahuset Dag Celebration of the creation of Mahuset.
26th of September King Day Koning Dag Celebration of the birth of Emiel I.
8th of October Siege Day Alkmaar's Ontzet Celebration of the Dutch forces winning from the Spanish forces.
4th of December-6th of December Saint Nicholas Pakjesavond A predecessor of Santa Claus, Sinterklaas, gives presents to the children. While Saint Nicholas' name day is on 6th of December, in Mahuset usually only Saint Nicholas' Eve is celebrated on the 5th of December.
25th and the 26th of December Christmas Kerstmis The Mahusetans celebrate two days of Christmas: Eerste Kerstdag (the first day of Christmas) and Tweede Kerstdag (Boxing day).


  1. All Jenavan citizens are officially Husetan citizens as well.
  2. Not including the Radonic Army.
  3. All Jenavan citizens are officially Husetan citizens as well.