MicroWiki is an online micronational encyclopedia which is collaboratively written by both micronationalists and non-micronationalists alike. This encyclopedia is maintained by a small group of specially selected contributors—whose job it is to make sure things run smoothly as humanly possible.

MicroWiki was established on 27 May 2005 by Fabian Schneider, and is one of the largest online encyclopedias about micronationalism with 73,268 pages and 2,071 articles. All written content on this site is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0, which means you may use it freely, providing you credit the appropriate authors.

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Recent activity
  • discussion page Elections
    comment by NewRizalia 50 minutes ago


    Hello Despot Mihai Vlasiu, Seeing as how the position of Vice President of the LoMN is not filled, I propose an election or referendum should... 

  • discussion page LoMN
    comment by NewRizalia 57 minutes ago


    King Blade I, As you might know, Egan became communist yesterday. There's just one problem: Article I from the LoMN constitutuion sais t... 



    Despot Mihai Vlasiu, I know this message isn't directed to me, but I personally think the Big 4 can make an exception for the Principal... 

  • edit League of Micronations
    edited by GranDuchy 1 hour ago diff
    Summary: Changed president

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