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MicroWiki is one of the largest online encyclopædias about micronationalism, established in 2005 by Fabian Schneider. The wiki is being continually improved and updated as the community changes constantly with content being moderated by a small group of staff. The site has grown to become one of the largest micronational-related websites, totaling with 76,159 pages, and 2,355 articles. All content (e.g. images, videos and text) is licensed under CC-BY-SA.
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Flag of Sabovia
Sabovia, officially the Principality of Sabovia (Welsh: Tywysogaeth Sabofia) is a landlocked sovereign state with limited recognition (often referred to as a micronation), located in Western Europe and bordered by England, United Kingdom. Sabovia's capital city is Capital Territory, however as it's name suggests, the "city" is actually a territory. Sabovia is a principality governed under a form of absolute monarchy with Prince Andrew I as head of state. Although Prince Andrew I is the absolute monarch, he couldn't... Read more

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