Territory dispute of Ernst Thälmann Island



15 Kilometers (Long)

500 Meters (Wide)

Official Languages:




Demonym: Ernst Thälmann Islander
Official Religion: Religion of Mallowynne
Population: 0

Ernst Thälmann Island or officially known as The Mallowynnian Territory of Ernst Thälmann Island is a territory unofficially owned by The Great Principality of Mallowynne. The island is under dispute with the of Cuba Republic of Cuba on who owns the island since the of Germany Reunification of Germany in 1990.


Ernst Thälmann Island is an island in the Gulf of Canzoes which was given to East Germany by Cuba in 1972. The island was not in the reunification treaty of Germany meaning the countries below could possibly own the land.

  1. Federal Republic of Germany
  2. East Germany
  3. Cuba
  4. Democratic Union of Obion 5.Unclaimed Land

Mallowynne has no recognition of Cuba taking ownership of the island. Ernst Thälmann Island is one of the major reasons why the Republic of Molossia has declared war on East Germany. The Democratic Union of Obion has a military Occupation on the island and will vote to make it a territory. They claim to also have ended the war between Molossia and East Germany.

On April 13th 2015, the Prince of Mallowynne has ordered a new territory dedicated to

Cuba Map

Map of Ernst Thälmann Island In Cuba

Ernst Thälmann Island.


Mallowynne has dedicated only a Chief Minister elected every five years and a Governor of the area appointed by the Prince of Mallowynne every five years.        

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