Mandatory Batranistan
(Dominion of Unironia)
Batranistan flag 3Batranistan Coat of Arms

Rise Sons of Ku`Garu (Unofficial)
Rise Sons of Ku`Garu

Capital city Cornwheatville (de facto)
Largest city Cornwheatville
Official language(s) English and Semul
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Batrani
Government Provisional Republic
- Head of State Vacant
- Head of Government Vacant
Legislature Senate (Dissolved)
Established November 27th 2013-Dissolution of Cornwheatville
Population c.10
Currency Unironic Franc


Named after the Ethnicity of people who founded it the Batrani People


After the dissolution of Cornwheatville the Emperor of Unironia decided it was time to act on his promise to the Batrani People their own State. That was made impossible to keep before due to Cornwheatville`s President opposing giving up Cornwheatville`s Independence.


The Goal of Mandatory Batranistan is to unite all territories that are predominantly populated by the Batrani People adding them to Mandatory Batranistan, and eventually hold a constitutional assembly to establish a permanent government.

Original BordersEdit

Upon Establishment

M. Batranistan Borders 1

Dominite AquistionEdit

Batranistan aquired a small portion of Dominition from the Unironia on the grounds that it was ethnic land the Emperor of Unironia then granted them the territory

M. Batranistan Borders 2

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