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Grand Duchy of Mangdublah
The official flag of MangdublahCoat of Arms

A fronte praecipitum a tergo lupi, superabitis
-No anthem yet-
Capital city Knock John
Largest city Splendid China
Official language(s) English, Irish
Official religion(s) Catholic Christian
Short name Mangdublah
Demonym Mangdublan
Government Constitutional Monarchy and Parliamentary system
- Grand Duke Sean O'Ruiarc
- Chancellor Jenna Johnson
- Vice-Chancellor Neil Shabong
- Number of seats - Five
Established 4th September 2011
Area claimed >300 Acres
Population 45
Currency British Pound sterling
Time zone UTC
National sport Association Football

National dish Beef and Potato Pasty
National drink Apple and Carrot Juice
National animal Goldfish
Patron saint St. Xystus

Mangdublah is a micronation that was founded on 4th September 2011. Its ruled by a Single Monarch. It is ruled through the decree of the Duke.

It is pronouced: Mang (as in Mango) Dub (as in dubstep) lah (as in lamb).


The official name of Mangdublah is the Grand Duchy Of Mangdublah. The etymology of the word "Mangdublah" is (M)agnificent (A)nd (N)ew (G)rand (D)uchy (U)niting (B)ravery, (L)oyalty (A)nd (H)appiness.


Mangdublah was founded on 4th September 2011. One day, when the future Grand Duke visited the future Chancellor's house (they are cousins) the future Chancellor showed the Grand Duke the world of micronations in the form of one of the most famous micronations of all, Sealand. The Grand Duke set up some start up details like employing an artist for the flag, looking for territorial claims etc. A few weeks later, on a second visit to his cousin, the Grand Duke Sean O'Ruiarc appointed his cousin Jenna O'Rourke as the first Chancellor of Mangdublah and thus Mangdublah was born.


National Animal-Goldfish

National Colours- Pink and Black

National Motto- A fronte praecipitum a tergo lupi, superabitis

National Religion- Catholicism*

Unofficial Motto- Floreat Mangdublis

  • Any religion can be practicied in Mangdublah, Catholocism is just the official religion

Important Figures

Grand Duke- Sean O'Ruiarc

Chancellor- Jenna O'Rourke

Vice-Chancellor- Neil Shabong

Secretary of Defence- Ryan Clapham

Political System

There is an inheritance to becoming the Grand Duke as there is to the English Crown. The Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor are re-voted each year. The secretaries are re-voted every nine months. The next general election will be on 1st January 2015. 

Political Figures

<p style="margin-top:1em;margin-bottom:1em;">Grand Duke-Sean O'Ruiarc

Chancellor-Jenna O'Rourke

Vice-Chancellor-Neil Shabong

Secretary of Defence-Ryan Clapham

Secretary of Justice- N/A

Secretary of Education-N/A

Secretary of Enviromental Concerns-N/A

Secretary of Health-N/A

Secretary of Foreign Affairs- Sean O'Ruiarc

Political Parties

Name Status Seats
The Mangdublan Right-Wing Liberalist party In power 4(80%)
Pirate Party of Mangdublah In Opposition 1 (20%)

Land Claims


Ruins of Splendid China

Splendid China

Mangdublah's main land claim, declared April 20 2012, is a huge 300+ acre abandoned theme park near Florida named Splendid China. It was popular in the 90's but slowly deteriorated under social pressure and was eventually abandoned. The site is visited infrequently by only a handful of urban explorers each year.

Knock John Sea Fort

Mangdublah's secondary land claim is Knock John sea fort. It is a sea fort built in the same series as the famous Hm Rough Sands (Home to sealand). There were four stations built: rough sands is home to sealand, tongue sands was destroyed in a storm, Sunk Head was demolished by Royal Engineers and Knock John is home to Mangdublah

Knock john

Knock John Fort, a WW2 british naval post

Miami Island

Mangdublah's tertiary land claim, claimed circa August 2012 was a small island off the coast of Miami. It is 1 1/2 inches above sea level when the tide is out, and so is only an island for a couple of hours a day. 

Hans Island= State of Hans

Hans island
Hans lsland is the smallest part of Arkto Imperio.

Marie Byrd Land= State of Marie Byrd

90px-Antarctica, unclaimed.svg
Marie Byrd Land is a second southest part of Arkto Imperio.

It is bordered by Ross Dependency (New Zealand) and Antártica (Chile).

Nordaustlandet= Province of  North Landia


Nordaustlandet is the Northest part of Arkto Imperio, it is uninhabited.

It is Bordered by Norway.

Southern Queen Maud Land= Province of South Landia

Maude land
Southern Queen Maud Land is southest part of Arkto Imperio.

It is bordered by British Antarctic Territory (United Kingdoms) , Queen Maud Land (Norway) and Australian Antarctic Territory (Australia).

Constituent Countries 

Name Gained through Current Status
Mangdublah (Main territory) Founded Active

Kingdom of Splenderia

Spoils of War Disestablished
Anotia Spoils of War Disestablished
Commenwealth of Banska Donation


National Holidays

1st January-New Year's

First Sunday after the First Full moon after Spring begins- Easter

24th July- Grand Duke's Day

4th Septemeber- Foundation Day

25th December-Christmas

Foreign Affairs

Mangdublah has been approached by many countries in the past for diplomatic relations and have asked a few countries for diplomatic relations, however so far all negotiations have fallen through, except for:

Diplomatic Relations:

Kingdom of Mahuset

Good Relations:

Great Republic of Sierra

Grand Duchy of Grunkia

Bad Relations:

United Kingdom of Mynem and Albina

Kingdom of Splenderia

Kingdom of Smallia (defunct)

War for Splendid China

In more recent times, there have been tensions between Mangdublah and the Kingdom of Splenderia. These have spiralled into war. It is known as The War for Splendid China. Mangdublah won the war and with it Splenderia. Mangdublah kept Splenderia as a constituent state for a short amount of time, before disestablishing it.

Crusade of the Eternal Purge

Mangdublah joined the Crusade of the Eternal Purge on the allied side on the 7th August 2012.

Bid for the Micronational 2013 Harmony Games

Mangdublah launched their bid for the Harmony Games on the 1st December 2012. Mangdublah won the bid but later gifted the hosting to allied nation Slyn.

Main Article- Host bid for the 2013 Harmony Games

External Links

Here are several more links with Mangdublan information and affairs on it.

Fan Page

Official Website

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