Dylan 'Martin' Rajagupta I
Former King of Agni, Former Duke of Birchshire, Former Emperor of Lewsanla

King of Agni
Reign 21st December 2013 - September 21st 2014
Predecessor Throne Established
Sucessor Position Abolished
Duke of Birchshire
Reign April 27th 2014 - September 21st 2014
Predecessor Title Established
Sucessor Position Abolished
Emperor of Lewsanla
Reign April 24th 2014 - June 6th 2014
Predecessor Throne Established
Sucessor Position Abolished
Full name
Dylan 'Martin' Rajagupta I
Royal House Rajagupta

Martin Rajagupta is the co-creator and former King of Agni. Though he is now Prime Minister of The Federal Republican Dictatorship of Agni, the successor government to the Monarchy of Agni.

'Martin' is a regnal name adopted by Dylan L. In order to conceal his and his family's immediate safety, he also adopted the regnal last name of Rajagupta. 

Micronational Career

Martin Rajagupta began his Micronational career in late December of 2013. With his close colleague, he established the Bi-Partisan Monarchy of Agni, also referred to as Agni. Many months before December of 2013, Martin Koi had learnt about micronations such as the Republic of Molassia, through websites such as YouTube. Eventually with the aid of King Czar Czar, he was able to form his micronation, and begin his reign. Martin is the more active King of the country and tends to update the official wiki page as often as possible. Dylan styles himself as a "Left Wing" and a democrat in the US political party spectrum. He has also made it clear that he favors socialist views over capitalists views.


Title Country earned in Given title on
(Former)Duke of Birchshire Meepland 4/27/14
(Former)Emperor Lewsanla 4/24/14
(Former)King Agni 12/21/13
(Former)Political Prisoner Lewsanla Unknown, 2014.

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