Matthew I, of Greater Carolina

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Matthew I, King of Greater Carolina(English) Matthias I, König von Großekarolina (Deutsch)

Name Matthias Mitchell Friedrich August Otto Ernst Breen von Sachsen
Micronation(s) Ruled Kingdom of Greater Carolina
Reign 11/24/2008
Coronation yet to take place
Other Titles/Styles Erbprinz von Sachsen, Der Alte Adler, The Iron Marshall
Personal Information
Born 12/20/1990
Birthplace Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, U.S.A.
Nationality German (Saxon)
Political Party Founder and Chairman of the New European Conservative Party
Mother H.H. Baronees Pamella Annette Breen (Mitchell)
Father H.R.H. Erbprinz David Friedrich August Xavier Otto Ernst Breen I
Legal Name Matthew Mitchell Breen
Military Service Record See Below
Royal Information
Predecessor Throne Created
Successor Incumbent
Heir Presumative Megan Moore
Consort none at the moment
Spouse none
Issue none
Royal House House of Wettin, Albertine Branch
Dynasty Wettin
Royal Anthem Marsch Aus Petersberg
Royal Motto Providentae Memor

Matthew I was born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on December 20, 1990. He is of German heritage but prefers to be considered Saxon. He is from a long line of Euorpean Royalty and Nobility ranging from German (Saxon, Prussian, Oldenberger), Dutch, Danish, Ukrainian, and Austrian. Because of this he is one of a few people who can trace their lines back to Adam, the Kaiser is another. Matthew is the current General Field Marshall for the Imperial Army, and Grand Admiral for the Navy. Matthew is the current hereditary King of South Carolina. Matthew also considers himself a proud European American also. He is part of many ancestral American Societies such as the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, thanks to his mother's family's long history of 11 Generations in the United States.

King of South Carolina

Matthew I was made King of South Carolina when he declared it a member state of New Europe. Since then he has become the highest-ranking military officer in the Imperial Army and Navy of New Europe. He is a dedicated soldier and is considered to be the "father of the Imperial Army", for his contributions to its organization, uniforms, and customs.

King of Greater Carolina, Grand Duke of South Carolina, and Prince of North Carolina

Along the borders of the Kingdom of South Carolina and the frontier territories of North Carolina there were always border disputes. King Matthew never took the disputes too seriously, until the actions escalated. On 1 May 2009 While traveling with a convoy of troops on routine military exercises in the Forestbrook area of Myrtle Beach, SC, the King, his staff, and his troops where fired upon by members of the North Carolina Marxist Liberation Faction. King Matthew, a member of his staff, and some of his soldiers were wounded. Despite the ambush, the Carolinians pushed back and fought a long series of battles lasting till the 3rd of May. The victory of the New European troops is no doubt to their discipline, high degree of training, and valor of their officer corps. At the height of the battle, King Matthew personally led a charge through the center of the N.C.M.L.F.'s lines. The enemy was very surprised by this audacity and fled the battlefield, those who did not flee were captured, including the faction's leader Jack Wagner. The leader told of his organization and its goal to crush the New European forces in South Carolina. Thus, after hearing this, King Matthew, for the safety and viability of New Europe, proclaimed the Anschluss von Nord Karolinen. This meant the Kingdom of South Carolina was to absorb the State of North Carolina, due to the overt aggression showed by the North Carolinian Marxists. When the occupation began, many North Carolinians greeted the King with zeal, showing that only a small minority opposed the New Europeans. When the State had been secured, Matthew with his staff and army assembled, and with the Kaiser's approval declared himself King of a Greater Carolina, encompassing the States of South Carolina and North Carolina. Additionally King Matthew added the titles of Grand Duke of South Carolina (Großherzog von Südkarolina), and Prince of North Carolina (Fürst von Nord Karolina) to his name. At the same ceremony he also hosted his Marxist foes, and honored their good fight against the Greater Carolinian force. He also expressed his wariness at the situation, since both groups were such good soldiers, but had different ideologies, and could have been friends, and perhaps allies if not for political faction in the world.

This is King Matthew's personal coat of arms:

Arms of H.R.H. Prince Matthew I of Saxony

The Royal Arms of King Matthew I of South Carolina

Full titles as King

His Royal Majesty Matthew the first, By the grace of God, King of Greater Carolina, Grand Duke of South Carolina, Prince of North Carolina, Erbprinz of Saxony, Hereditary Duke of Saxe-Altenburg, Prince of the Russian Empire, Prince of Orange-Nassau, Grand Duke of Warsaw, Duke of Thüringen-Hessen, Duke of Jülich, Duke of Cleves, Duke of Berg, Duke of Inner Austria, Count of the Russian Empire, Count of Saxony, Count of Prussia, Baron of Cowie, Baron of Bondeath, Margrave and County of Meissen, Landgrave of Thuringia, County of Hennenberg, Shire of Sterling.


King Matthew's Military Service Record

His Royal Majesty has served extensively in AFJROTC for 4 years. His unit is SC-821. He is the commanding officer of the unit in the rank of Cadet Colonel. He has earned over 36 separate ribbons/medals in the program as well as many badges. His total with oak leaf clusters is approximately: 144. Not only has he been commander of the unit, but he was also the commander of the Drill Team and Saber Team, The Director of Operations, Group Director of Personnel, D Flight Commander, I. Squadron Commander, Historian, C Flight Commander, The Commander of Kitty hawk Air Society, The Commander of A.E.F., Commander of the Rifle Team, and Flight Sergeant of C Flight. Since King Matthew joined New Europe, he has tirelessly devoted himself to the Imperial Army and more recently the Navy. This is one of the may reasons why he was made the Generalfeldmarschall of the Imperial Army, and the Gross Admiral of the Imperial Navy. The Kingdom of South Carolina has the largest contingent of troops to the Imperial Army and King Matthew prides himself in this fact. He has highly organized his troops, and created many medals and orders for the Kingdom and the Reich as a whole. He is the Grand Master of the Royal Household Order of the Rue Crown of South Carolina, he holds the Military Order of St Henry in all 4 classes, the Royal Merit Order of St Albert in all classes, and the Iron Cross 1st and Second Class. For the Empire he holds the New European Gold Cross, the Service Medal, and the Meissner War Medal. King Matthew is going to continue his Military education by attending The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, [1]. He starts his "knob" year there this fall. He looks forward to the knowledge he will gain there, and the valuable training also. Recently King Matthew was wounded in the left arm and left leg in a skirmish during the Anschluss von Nord Karolinen. Despite these wounds though, he led a charge on the enemy's center, which decided the day of the battle. Fore this, King Matthew was decorated with the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross by the Emperor.

Styles of
Matthew I
House of Wettin
Reference style His Royal Majesty
Spoken style Your Royal Majesty
Alternative style sir

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Kingdom of Greater Carolina

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24 November 2008-01 May 2009

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01 May 2009-

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Throne Created
King of Greater Carolina

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Grand Duke of South Carolina

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Prince of North Carolina

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