King Max I Is the King of Stenall and Tyleria, its colony Stenallian Milldown and formerly The Sentinel Islands and Bertia

Max I, King of Stenall
King of Stenall

King of Stenall
Reign 28 October 2018 - present
Coronation 28 October 2018
King of Bertia
Reign 11 August - 17 October 2008
Coronation 11 August 2008
Predecessor Harrison I
Successor Unknown
Vice-Prime Minister of Bertia
Reign 2 February 2005 - 11 August 2008
Successor Joseph Young
Count of Guys Marsh
Reign 5 September 1998 - 4 July 2003
Coronation 1 August 1999
King of Tyleria
Reign 18 November 2018 - present
Predecessor King Tyler I
Full name
Max John Christopher Taylor
House House of Taylor
Father Sir James Chapman
Mother HRH Donna, Queen Mother
Born 5 September 1998
Guy’s Marsh, England
Occupation Monarch
Religion Christian

Early life

Max was born to a normal family in a small hamlet in Dorset, Guys Marsh, His father died when Max was an infant. Living at Guys Marsh, he had a normal childhood, but with one dream, to become the Worlds Emperor and even claimed himself the title Count of Guys Marsh.

School life and Bertia

He entered school in 2003 and met Joesph Young, Harrison I and George Heywood, who had the same dream and they formed the Micronation, Bertia two years later and was crowned King in 2008 after Harrison’s abdication to become Prime Minister. but Max left the countries government soon after because of Max and Joseph splitting up from Harrison and George due to an argument the government about a new law (the Imagine Law) only Max and Joseph did not approve of.


Max was crowned on October 28 2018 in Blandford Forum, Dorset, He then joined the PaLsian Union hours after. A day later, Max conquered The Sentinel Islands near India. Making its stone age inhabitants circus performers.

Overthrowing Tyleria

On November 12 2018, Stenall successfully took the local micronation of Tyleria over.

Loss of the Sentinel Islands

On December 1st 2018, Max received a letter from the Indian Government, saying that Max should either give the Sentinel Islands to India (who ‘owned’ the Islands before Max took them) or there would be war. Max gave the islands back reluctantly

Stenallian Milldown

Max, sad after the loss of the Sentinel Islands, formed a new colony at the local field, known as ‘The Milldown’