Mediterranean Pirates Empire
Mediterranean Pirates Flag
Flag of the Empire

Expansion and Destroy
Capital Bir Tawil City

Official languages Arabian, Spanish
Co-oficial languages English, Catalan

Official religion Atheism

Demonym Mediterranean Pirate

Emperor Xabi Cáñame

Government Dictatorship Empire

Established December 2011

– Bir Tawil 2,060 km2
– Unknown Territories

The Mediterranean Pirates Empire is a micronation created by Xabi Cáñame, and based in the anarchist principies although being a semi-dictatorial empire. This Empire is the Micronational form of an organized militia that have its base on Barcelona, but have members in a lot of European cities. Their objective is bring anarchism and chaos everywhere, and are allies of the macronation of Iran. Emperor Cáñame is their representant, and claims the land of Bir Tawil, a place without sovereignty. They had a territory in Mallorca, but they abandoned the place after loosing the Battle of Newland (in the Perejil-Iran War), and their enemies, the Socialist Republic of Perejil and New Catalonia, invaded it.