"Meep HA Meep"
United States
Capital city Meep City
Largest city Meep City
Official language(s) English,
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Meepish
Government State Government
Established 3/15/2014
Area claimed 500 Square Feet (Outdated)
Population ~15
Time zone EST
National sport "Meep Ball"

Meepland was a country that was formed by a banished royal, Poorvaja, after her rebellion, in Agni, failed. Meepland returned to Agni as a state in the year 2014, in late September, peacefully.  


Pre-Independence - Civil War

In the time before Independence, Queen Poorvaja of Meep controlled no land what so ever, and was apart of the line of succession to the Agnian Monarchy, but Martin I was far from death, and Queen Poorvaja was far from inheriting the throne as a result of this. With intensive boycotts, and public signs of protests, a situation known as the Choc Rebellion escalated into proportions that would lead to the independence of Meepland. The Choc rebellion arguably was an attempt to gain control over the Agnian government and institute then Princess Poorvaja, as reigning monarch. The rebellion was crushed by the Agnian Military under King Dylan, or King Martin I's leadership, and Princess Poorvaja was exiled into Old Brussia.

Weeks after her exile, Poorvaja and a few other enemies of the state declared independence from the government and started attacking Agnian territory. These people styled themselves as Meepish Soldiers, acting under 'Queen Poorvaja of Meep'. This situation, due to attacks on Agnian soil, led to the Meepish Independence War (alternatively called the Meepish Revolutionary War), which marked a state of hostile relations between Agni and Meepland. The Meepish Military conquered the Agnian capital, quickly harnessing it's rations and using them to their ability, this occupation of the capital led to the Agnian Military being deployed with intensive force.

King Dylan and his military finally surrounded the Meepish Military after retaking the capital. The Meepish Soldiers did not give up without a fight and they fought valiantly, but where out numbered and out armed, leading to a swift Agnian victory. When King Czar Czar arrived on scene, Meepland became a satellite state of Agni.

Following inactivity from King Czar Czar, the Agnian government agreed to holding more talks with Meepland and talk on terms of independence. These talks led to the signing of "The Treaty of Meep" by King Dylan I, and Queen Poorvaja of Meep. The treaty agreed that Meepland would become a fully independent state, exchange mutual recognition with Agni, as well as agreeing to mainting peace between the two countries. The treaty would spark significant peace and stability among the region and countries nearby. Months later, both countries founded The ETO, or The Eastern Treaty Organization, which vowed to maintain peace and stability, and a strong united military. The organization was founded by a referendum and the response was overwhelmingly "Yes".

Meepish Queen Poorvaja negotiated the sale of a recreational province in the Agnian Colony of Argo with the Agnian government, the province was sold for 25 Meepish dollars, or 83 Agnian Coins. This also caused the deficit of Meepland to deepen into 25 Meepish Dollars, significantly hurting the economy. Though the province would later be useful in recreational activities that would temporarily boost economic activies.

The economic slump triggered a recession within Meepland, leading to mass displeasment with current government policies and activies. A group eventually assembled inorder to combat the government's "harmful actions agaisnt Meepish people", this group was later identified as "The Spring Rebels", who leaked into Agnian territory as well. The organization was very popular among people, leading to their movement escalating into a civil war. The Monarchy of Meepland did not want these people to campaign "false lies", so military forces were deployed in order to combat the rebels. After many clashes with the rebels, King Dylan investigated the area and proclaimed that Agni would help defend the country from the "sinister rebels". This gave the Spring Rebel branch in Agni reason to uprise and take control of one of the colonies, halting economic exports. Battles would break out for the next two weeks, all over both Agni, and Meepland. The Agnian military finally assaulted the Spring Rebels strong hold with archery tatics, forcing them to submit and surrender. They were immediately banished from Meepland with no trial, directly by Queen Poorvaja of Meep herself.

Post Civil War - Statehood

Meepland slumped back into quiter times after the civil war, with ETO protecting them from immediate rebels, the coutry was finally able to regain stability. Nearing Mid-August, Meepland and Agni discussed ideas of a republic, and a new Meepish flag. The new flag was raitifed a day after the talks. Two months later, Agni had transformed into a republic, Meepland officially agreed to transitioning back under Agnian rule, as a state. Talks followed after the statement, and The Agnian Congress issued Meepland a decree of it's own individualized culture. Queen Poorvaja of Meep shifted her role into Govenor/Senator Poorvaja.

Government & PoliticsEdit

Meepland's government is a state level government with only an executive, and judicial branch. The reigning leader is officially The Governor-Senator, playing both roles, as state executive and state representive in the Agnian Congress. Governor-Senator Poorvaja was the first one to hold this title, and currently leads her people. Along with the removal of it's independence, Meepland revoked all foreign relations it once had.

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