Dominion of Melchizedek
Arms Melchizedek


Unity, Peace, and Philanthropy
Taongi Island
Official language(s) English
Legislature Ecclesiastical State
Established Formed in 1986 with a New Charter enacted in 2012 while in Interregnum.
Population < 10 There are no Citizens of the Dominion of Melchizedek only Sovereign Members of the Body-Politic who have Pledge Life, Fortune, and Honor to uphold the New Charter of the DoM and who understand International Law and the International Public Order.
Currency World Reserve Currency

Official Website

Origin and Status

The DoM was created in 1986 by Evan David Pedley and his son, Mark Logan Pedley. The latter also uses a number of pseudonyms, including "Tzemach Ben David Netzer Korem" and "Branch Vinedresser" (which is a rough English translation of the Hebrew). The Pedleys have published a translation of the Bible known as the Melchizedek Bible but that Bible has since been rebuked and denounced by the Official Website of the Dominion of Melchizedek. During the 1980s the Pedleys were convicted and imprisoned for multiple various land and share-related frauds. The elder Pedley is now reportedly deceased, while the younger no longer has any association with the DoM. Two separate regimes have ruled the micro-nation since the days of the Pedleys, with no reports of illegality. In July 2003, the DoM elected its first post-Pedley administration, that brought Richard James McDonald to the Presidency....

Richard James McDonald is a former law enforcement officer and while acting as President of the DoM he announced the younger Pedley's departure from government service. Although acting as President of the DoM, McDonald committed Treason against the DoM by running his website and maintained his status as a United States Citizen. He was asked to Step Down as President in 2008 by the former Council of Elders. At that time Ambassador David Williams was asked to take an interim position as President and Head-of-State of the Dominion of Melchizedek and asked to help write a new Charter for the DoM.

David Williams agreed to help write a new Charter for the DoM and worked with the Founder in doing so. An agreement on the new Charter could not be met at which time the DoM entered a State of interregnum. David Korem, being uneducated in International Law and the LAW OF NATIONS, failed to understand Naturalization and continued to operate as a United States Citizen while continuing to disturb the International Public Order as well as interfering in the Internal Political Workings of the United States and subsequently was arrested by authorities of the United States as a United States Citizen and thereby also committed treason against the Dominion of Melchizedek.

At that time a meeting was held in 2012 and an agreement was reached whereby the Founder relinquished all authority, association, and claims to the Dominion of Melchizedek and turned over said authority and land claims/titles to David Williams. This Marked the beginning of the second Post-Pedley Administration.

Recognition of the State of the Dominion of Melchizedek

The DoM has established Treaties of Peace and Recognition with multiple States as an Ecclesiastical State. Such States Include: Central African Republic (2003), Republic of Cameroon (2004), Republic of Burkina Faso (2004), and Nigeria (2004). Further, in the OAS (Organization of American States) Convention of the Rights and Duties of States:

Article 6:

"The recognition of a state merely signifies that the state which recognizes it accepts the personality of the other with all the rights and duties determined by international law. Recognition is unconditional and irrevocable."


Article 7:

"The recognition of a state may be express or tacit. The latter results from any act which implies the intention of recognizing the new state."

The DoM also has other agreements and recognition which can be seen on it's Official Website.

Land Claims

During the 1990s DoM began to claim sovereignty over a number of Pacific islands. DoM's claims include Taongi Atoll (near the Marshall Islands); Malpelo Island (a claimed possession of Colombia; Karitane Shoal (a reef often submerged under 9 metres of water); Solkope Island; and Clipperton Island (also a claimed possession of France) and a large section of Antarctica although the New Administration of the DoM only exerts Territorial Sovereignty over the Taongi Atoll..

An article in the Washington Post reported that DoM was "diplomatically recognized" by the Central African Republic, in 1993.

The Marshall Islands originally acknowledged the DoM's sovereignty. However, after allegations of illegality by individuals within the DoM were raised by the U.S. State Department, the Marshall Islands issued a diplomatic note to other nations, urging nations friendly to it not to recognize claims of DoM in the Marshall Islands. The recognized Iroijlaplap (chief) of Taongi was later quoted on an Australian television current affairs program as saying he had granted DoM a 50-year "sovereign lease" over the Taongi Atoll island. However, the Marshall Islands now argues that sovereignty over the atoll (as opposed to land title) belongs to the Marshall Islands and not to private citizens, therefore the Iroijlaplap's action should be considered a nullity. The DoM asserts that historical maps and territorial claims by the Marshall Islands did not include the Taongi Atoll island until the U.S. State Department interceded in the mid nineties. Although a dispute between the DoM and the Marshall Islands exists concerning the status of the DoM's "sovereignty," the DoM continues to assert physical possession and governmental rule over Taongi with no challenge by the Marshall Islands, the United States or any other nation.

Past Claims of Fraud linked to the Dominion of Melchizedek

Over 300 investors in various parts of the world have lost money in purported investment, passport and employment scams run by several "banks" who purportedly bought sub-license from Melchizedek licensed banks, including one operated by a supposed "diplomatic representative".

Apologists have suggested that there is no link between Melchizedek and the illegal activities conducted by such "banks" it has "licensed", however this is disputed; in an address to the 4th International Financial Fraud Convention in London, 27 May 1999, John Shockey, a former special assistant in the office of the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency, stated:

"Melchizedek first came to my attention in June 1990, a few months after Mark Pedley was paroled from a 1986 conviction. Inquiries were received concerning bank names: Banco de Asia, Guardian Savings & Guaranty and Express Bank among others. Investigations that these entities had bank charters from the DOM and obtained through an entity named Consortium Finance Corporation headquartered in Lake Tahoe, California. Further investigation disclosed a principal alternately named John Hayden and Branch Vinedresser. Shortly thereafter the FBI took Branch Vinedresser into custody and revealed that he was Mark Pedley, who then was charged with violations of his parole."

At one stage in the early 2000s, DoM maintained a post office box address in Canberra, the capital of Australia. Coincidentally, one of the individuals identified by Philippine authorities in November 1998 [1] as the ringleader of a series of frauds perpetrated in the name of DoM was John Gillespie, a former Australian felon who was convicted on the basis of his involvement in the Fine Cotton horse substitution racket during the 1980s. According to a media report originally published in The Nation (Bangkok) on 30 May 1999, "hundreds of Filipinos, Chinese and Bangladeshis paid up to US$3,500 to Gillespie's gang for worthless Melchizedek travel documents," and some had also paid significant amounts of money to obtain "government jobs" on one of the uninhabited Pacific islands claimed by DoM. The total amount defrauded was estimated at one million dollars. While the other gang members were arrested, Gillespie himself eluded capture.

Another fraud involving DoM is tied to Jeffery Thayer, who was the Governor of the Bar Association from 1997 to to 1999 and past General Counsel and Humanitarian Projects Coordinator. Thayer practiced law under a license granted by DoM, although he was suspended in California for non-payment of dues, He authored the book, The Corporation Sole, Its History, Significance and Creation, which goes into the history of corporate soles. Thayer also teaches seminars on how to organize and operate a church or ministry as a tax-exempt non-profit religious corporation.

Lawsuit against CBS

In April 2000, CBS's 60 Minutes II, aired a report critical of Dominon of Melchizedek. Prior to the program being aired, Mark Pedley claims he had a conversation with 60 Minutes II producer Janet Klein, in which Klein promised Pedley fair coverage of DoM. In the opening of the program, CBS made a claim that Pedley was a prophet. During the interview, Bob Simon asked Pedley if he was a prophet. Pedley replied, “I try to avoid making any predictions about the future”.[2]

After airing the program, DoM demanded a retraction of statements made during the program. As a result of the bad press, DoM filed a lawsuit (in their own judicial system) on May 9, 2000 seeking damages for libel against CBS in the amount of $1 billion. The lawsuit named Klein, Simon, and CBS as the defendants. On July 25, 2000, DoM entered a default judgement against CBS, claiming that the company failed to respond to the lawsuit. Because of the lack of jurisdiction of the lawsuit, CBS has refused to acknowledge the judgement.

David Evan Pedley

David Evan Pedley (born April 8, 1929 in Daly City, California) is one of the founders of the Dominion of Melchizedek. He wrote the Melchizedek Bible's preface, translated Genesis, Exodus, Matthew and parts of Revelation as his "gift" to the Dominion of Melchizedek according its "Introduction" which was first published in 1986. He also wrote the Glossary, which is called the "Key of David."

Pedley graduated from the University of California. He attended classes of Dr. Josiah Merriman, a doctor turned Christian Science Practitioner. Dr. Merriman emphasized the importance of resurrecting the Dominion of Melchizedek from antiquity.

After being convicted of several financial crimes in the 1970's, including stock fraud, Pedley was incarcerated. Pedley claims the charges were false and the result of a "witch-hunt" against him. While incarcerated, he started a cattle business, which Ben David operated for him in Los Angeles, California. [3]

Released in 1975, Pedley partnered with his son Ben David in a real estate enterprise in Northern California. Pedley came under repeated grand jury investigations that resulted in further indictments against him. In 1982, he and his son Ben David fled to Mexico to avoid arrest. Ben David was arrested in January 1983 by Mexican immigration for not renewing his visa. After being deported to the U.S. Ben David was held pending trial. David Pedley surrendered to Mexican authorities. While incarcerated in Mexico, Pedley apparently began work on the Melchizedek Bible which was written over a period of 5 years by hand and on a computer (which he received from his son Ben David).

While in Mexican custody Pedley apparently died, though the circumstances are not clear. A closed casket funeral was held in Altadena, California in 1987. At the funeral, FBI agents approached the Pedley family and requested to fingerprint David Pedley’s body. This request was denied by the family and allegedly some government regulators believe that David Pedley is still alive. [4]

Mark Logan Pedley

Mark Logan Pedley (born July 19, 1953 in Los Angeles, California) (also known as "Tzemach Ben David Netzer Korem" and "Branch Vinedresser") is the son of David Evan Pedley. He serves as the Head of the House of Elders, Vice President of the Executive Branch, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of DOM. Pedley is the author of the Melchizedek Bible. [5]

In 1983, Pedley was convicted of mail fraud and interstate fraud. He was sentenced to three years in federal prison for that conviction, and later to eight years for a racketeering conviction in 1986. Pedley was released on parole from Walla Walla Federal Prison in 1990. Upon his release, he started DoM’s website offering numerous services including passports, banking facilities, university degrees and lawyers’ certificates. DoM also allows for incorporations and trust formations as tax havens. [6]

He had his parole revoked by his parole officer in late 1991 due to a violation of his conditions. Pedley was released from his parole in July 1994. [7]

In 1976, Pedley married Janith Marie Wardy. The couple had two daughters, Rachael Grace and Yvonne Marie. In 1994, Pedley married Pearlasia, a Pilipino woman who shared a common interest of furthering the cause of DoM. [8]

Melchizedek Bible

Although the Founder David Netzer Korem is dedicated to the study and perfection of the Melchizedek Bible, Since his announcement of giving up any association, authority, and claims to the Dominion of Melchizedek, the DoM no longer associates the State or it's Members to that Bible.[1]

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