Meninist Party
Meninist Parti
Leader Aryx Doder
Founded 1 June 2015
Headquarters Ogspor, Technate
Youth wing Meninist Youth League
Membership  (2015) 17
Ideology Meninism

The Meninist Party was founded on 1 June 2015 in response to many perceived "sexist" remarks made by the Naturist Party, who claimed that men were more sexually violent than women.

The Meninist Party is the second largest political party in Technate, based mostly on "Meninism", a satirical movement mocking feminism. The party supports gay marriage, opposes rape on both genders, and favours social welfare over charity. The Meninist Party has stirred a lot of controversy within Technate.


On 2 June 2015 senator and president of the Meninist Party, Aryx Doder, proposed a bill to consider feminism a terrorist group, and the bill passed 13-7. The Naturist Party strongly opposed banning feminism, as it's two members in the legislature of Technate both identified as feminists. No legal action was taken against the two feminists as of 3 June 2015.

The Meninist Party also introduced two sexual harassment laws on 2 June, in which many in Technate deemed to be "despotic".