The Meowian Empire

Fortis Et Liber (Mighty and free)
Surrey, UK
Capital city Sewell City
Official language(s) English (UK)
Short name Meow, ME
Government Constitutional Meowist Empire
Legislature Emperor's Office + Council of Governors
- Number of seats - 8
Established 8th May 2014
Currency British Pound Sterling (GBP)
Time zone GMT+0:00

The Meowian Empire ,M.E. or simply ,Meow (formally Sovereign Republic of Meow, Revolutionary Republic of meow and UMSR) is a 6th world micronation located in the county of Surrey in former territories of the United Kingdom. It is headed by an emperor for life and his respective government. It was created on the 8th May 2014. It's official currency is the British Pound Sterling (GBP). The empire's capital city is Sewell City located in Central Meow. The M.E. is currently accepting new citizens on the official website.


The ME is a Constitutional Empire. The government comprises of one emperor (for life) who can veto any decision in the Council of Governors (COG) and by the Archon (although he will rarely do this)  as well as having supreme power. He is aided by the Archon (for life) who is simply the stand in for the emperor who can formally propose an edict, represent the country on an international level and make any decisions on the international level. There are also these government positions that make up the cabinet: Commissioner of Foreign Affairs (currently Nick Reed), Marshall of the Armed Forces (currently Jack Brand), Inquisitor (police, local, etc-currently Charley Harman), Science and Technology Commissioner (currently Jack Brand), Intelligence Commissioner, Energy Commissioner, Economic Commissioner, Social Communication Commissioner (currently Lucy Hay), as well as an 8 seat Council of Governors (mainly advisory) which may receive further seats and that anyone can apply to join. All candidates for the COG and the Cabinet Positions must apply directly and give a presentation on why your believe you are worthy of the seat, to the emperor's Office via the email address. Whoever the emperor deems worthy will be given the seat for a one year term. New candidates will be selected every 20th of January up until the 10th of January in the next year (10 day application/decision time). Any decisions that affect the entire nation must be submitted to the emperor for Formal Approval.


Saxon Tribes

Before Roman times the area today known as Surrey was very probably occupied by the Atrebates tribe centred at Calleva Atrebatum in the modern county of Hampshire. During the 5th and 6th centuries Surrey was conquered and settled by Saxons. The names of a number of Saxon tribes who may have inhabited different parts of Surrey in this period have been conjectured on the basis of place names. These include the Godhelmingas (around Godalming), Tetingas (around Tooting) and Woccingas (between Woking and Wokingham in Berkshire).

West Saxon and English Shire

In the 9th century England was afflicted, along with the rest of north-western Europe, by the attacks of Scandinavian Vikings. Surrey's inland position shielded it from coastal raiding, so that it was not normally troubled except by the largest and most ambitious Scandinavian armies. In 851 an exceptionally large invasion force of Danes arrived in the mouth of the Thames in a fleet of about 350 ships, which would have carried over 15,000 men. Having sacked Canterbury and London and defeated King Beorhtwulf of Mercia in battle, the Danes crossed the Thames into Surrey, but were slaughtered by a West Saxon army led by King Aethelwulf in the Battle of Aclea, bringing the invasion to an end.

Medieval Surrey

After the Battle of Hastings, the Norman army advanced through Kent into Surrey, where they defeated an English force which attacked them at Southwark, before proceeding westwards on a circuitous march to reach London from the north-west. As was the case across England, the native ruling class of Surrey was virtually eliminated by Norman seizure of land.

Modern Times

Until the late 18th century Surrey, apart from its north-eastern corner, was sparsely populated and somewhat rustic, despite its proximity to the capital. Communications began to improve, and the influence of London to increase, with the development of turnpike-roads and a stagecoach system. A far more profound transformation followed with the arrival of the railways, beginning in the late 1830s. The availability of rapid transportation enabled prosperous London workers to travel daily to homes across Surrey. This phenomenon of commuting brought explosive growth to Surrey's population and wealth, and tied its economy and society inextricably to London. Existing towns like Guildford, Farnham and most spectacularly Croydon grew rapidly, while new towns such as Woking and Redhill emerged beside the railway lines.


The Meowian 'Mainland'

Formation of the Meowian Empire

The M.E. (in it's earliest incarnation) was formed on the 8th of May 2014, when Felix Sewell-Knight and Nick Reed were both inspired by Sealand to create their own micronation, as well as their disappointment with the current state of the United Kingdom. When they both realised their shared goals, they quickly began to work together to make this dream a reality. It was first known as The Sovereign Republic of Meow, then later the Revolutionary Republic of Meow and the Union of the Meowian Socialist Republics after several constitutional changes. Eventually the Meowian Empire was formally created after both leaders expressed a concern over national security if the micronation was left to what they described as "weak-minded and bickering politicians", thus a full democracy was declined as an appropriate form of sovereignty. Since then, it has been steadily growing in size, power and influence along with gaining a number of micronational allies.


Any citizen may join the Imperial Meowian Armed Forces (I.M.A.F). To join, you must send your application to the government email address for approval. All members of any branch of the I.M.A.F is expected to show full pride, courage and devotion to this country in the face of any danger and/or threat to the government. For security reasons, the assets and equipment of the I.M.A.F are a national secret.


Battle Flag of the I.M.A.F, celebrating the May Revolution.

Ranks of the I.M.A.F rise from Trooper to Lieutenant then Captain, then Centurion, Praetorian and finally Commandant.

Any wars must be passed through the C.O.G and approved by the Emperor unless the country is being invaded/attacked and war must be declared as an act of emergency.


Crest of the East Sewell Company


The economy of the M.E. is based on a semi-socialist/semi-capitalist economy and is quite good for a micronation of its size. Its main source of national income is trade with its closest neighbour, the United Kingdom. The largest company in the M.E. is the East Sewell Company, a state owned corporation that controls 50% of national trade. The other 50% is free for citizens of the nation with a trade permit. The East Sewell Company is headed by a Chief Director who in turn, reports to the Economic Commissioner of the Government.


The M.E. mainly exports agricultural goods from the state of Cornershire, which it sells to the United Kingdom and around the rest of the empire.

East Sewell Company

The current Director of the E.S.C is Nick Reed, although his position as Director is only temporary. The Government owns a 60% majority of its shares and is responsible for it's financial backing, insurance and the protection of it's employees and trade goods. The E.S.C owns a large plantation in the state of Cornershire which is their main source of trade income.


Constitution of the Meowian Empire:

Every man, woman and child of any race, gender, nationality or sexuality is equal and is to be treated as so in every field of life. Any persons who may try or succeed in undermining this will be subject to the full extent of the law. The M.E. adheres to British Common Law, with amendments allowed when the emperor deems it worthy of reconsideration. Anyone found guilty of a crime according to British Common Law is to be extradited to UK territory to be put on trial by UK courts. The M.E. has no legal authority when in a UK court and thus are not responsible for any verdicts given. The emperor holds Supreme Power but he may be regulated in some areas by the Council of Governors and the will of the people. The emperor may give unto his Archon, Emergency Powers. These powers are that of the emperor however all his actions must be personally approved by the emperor. The Government is to function as specified in the 'Government' and 'Military' section of the official national website: Anyone found guilty of attempting or succeeding in the undermining of the Government or the emperor's Office shall be subject to treason and banished from the country forever. Everyone has the right to the free development of his or her personality, as far as this does not infringe upon the rights of others. Everyone has the right to life and physical safety. The freedom of the person is unassailable and may be restricted only by law. All citizens have the right to choose their profession freely. No one may be forced to do a certain work. The practicing of a profession may be regulated by law. The emperor also holds the right to fire anyone from their respective proffessions if on valid grounds. All citizens enjoy freedom of movement within all territories of the State and are automatically entitled to Ambassadorial Aid when abroad. The M.E.'s foreign policy is to function as specified in the 'Foreign Policy' section of the official national website. The safety of the houses, borrowed property and the right of inheritance of all citizens will be respected by the state and its citizens. The emperor retains the right to commandeer and confiscate the property of the people if on valid gorunds. The national language is English. English shall be used as the language of the law. Other languages are permitted to be spoken freely by the people and the state. The national flag as appears on the national website. For special services for the State, the emperor awards orders, titles and privileges. These inlcude the Soveriengn Award of Meow, a Knighthood in the Order of the Sewell Knights, the War-Paw of Meow and the Star of Meow. There will be no taxation (unless truly needed) in the past present or future, in the M.E. Only the emperor retains the right to introduce taxation. No other micro-nations, macro-nations or individuals may lay claim to the nation and its lands and property. The empire will forever stand by our claim to sovreignty. This law comes into force on the day on which the emperor signs it. All institutions, organs and bodies of the State are to be sworn in at the Constitution. By his signature the emperor confirms this Constitution by affirmation under oath.

*Approved by the emperor's Office, 8th May 2014.*

Foreign Policy

The foreign policy of the M.E. is a cooperative one. To gain recognition from the M.E., your nation must have territory, at least one citizen and a stable and active government. All Ambassadors are chosen by the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs. The Meowian Empire formally recognizes the nations recognized by the United Nations. The M.E's official list of recognised states and allies can be found at the Meowian Empire's website (


Emperor Felix Sewell-Knight

The emperor for life is the Omnipotent Felix Sewell-Knight I. He has been leader since the country was formed and will oversee the instalments of many cabinets in his reign. He has the power to veto any decision in the C.O.G as well as having other traditional and diplomatic powers. His current Archon is Nick Reed.

Archon Nick Reed

The emperor for life is the Omnipotent Felix Sewell-Knight I. He has been leader since the country was formed and will oversee the instalments of many cabinets in his reign. He has the power to veto any decision in the C.O.G as well as having other traditional and diplomatic powers. His current Archon is Nick Reed. He is the Governor of Nickoslavia, and Governor-General of the Dominion of Cornershire.

Commandant Jack Brand

Jack Brand is the current Commissioner of Science and Technology and the Marshall of the armed forces. His duties involve leading the I.M.A.F as well as overseeing the development of technology and research within the empire. He is the Governor of Jackistan.

Inquisitor Charley Harman

The Inquisitor of the empire is Charley Harman. The Inquisitor quickly began his crackdown on crime in the nation which led to a proud moment for the government when it announced that there is virtually zero crime in the mainland. He is the Governor of Felixia.

James Bailey

James Bailey is currently the Governor of Central Meow and the emperors personal chef.

Chief Speaker Lucy Hay


Lucy Hay is currently the Chief Speaker of the Empire. Her duties within the Commission of Social Communication involve the editing and distribution of all art and media, as well as heading the Emperor's citizen communication program and the positive re-education program. She is also the founder and current Dean of the Meowian National College of Art, in Sewell City.

National Party of Meow

Because the ME is a single party state, only the National Party of Meow has power in the government. To join the C.O.G you must be a member of the National Party of Meow (N.P.M). To join, one must submit an application to the government email address for inspection. The party is the first in the world to follow the ideals of Meowism. Meowism is a political school of thought invented by the Emperor and the Archon that involves all forms of government rolled into one. A book detailing Meowism is currently being written and will be released soon.



Meowism is the political school of thought invented by the Emperor and the Archon as they believed this system would best suit the micronation. Meowism combines Communism, Capitalism, Liberalism, Democracy and Autocracy into one Liberal yet orderly system. The symbol of Meowism is the Meowist Star, a star with five points (representing the five tenets of Meowism) and an eternal flame in the top left corner of the star representing destiny, hope and ambition. The M.E. utilizes Meowism by having a communist welfare state, a capitalist/socialist economy, a Liberal Constitution and both a Democratic and Autocratic Government. The Emperor and Archon are currently in the process of writing a book that will more thoroughly detail Meowism. It will be called "The Meowian Manifesto and Quotations from Felix Sewell-Knight". The book is intended to be a rallying call for the world to embrace Meowism and will be released soon.

The Dominion of Cornershire


The State of Cornershire is the M.E.'s first established colony and it's first established dominion, located not far from the main nation. As of now, it is under the rule of the Governor-General, Archon Nick Reed. The dominion is governed through the Colonial Administration of Cornershire consisting of the Governor-General and his Advisory Councillors. Since it has dominion powers, it has representation in the Council of Governors.

It's economy is mainly trade with the United Kingdom and the M.E. It also has an extensive plantation in the far end of the colony, making it the foremost agricultural producer within Meowian borders

The State of Brandcaster

The state of Brandcaster is the M.E's second established colony, also located in close proximity to the main nation. It is currently under direct control of the Emperor and the Marshall of the Armed Forces, Jack Brand. It is the industrial heartland of the Meowian Empire and is home to the National Pet of His Highness' Government.


It is also home to a major military base and is home to the Official Residence of the Marshall of the Armed Forces.

The State of Jimbodia

The state of Jimbodia is the M.E's third established colony, located near to most of the Empire's other colonies. It is also currently under direct control of the Emperor and the Governor of Central Meow, James Bailey. Jimbodia is known within the Empire for it's loyal and honourable workforce which is why it is a major industrial and residential centre. Jimbodia is also home to the Official Residence of Governor Bailey.


The State of Arlof

The state of Arlof is the M.E's fourth established colony. The state is encompassed mainly of forest areas which have proven very popular for Meowian citizens. Arlof is the M.E's centre of tourism for citizens within the Empire and due to it's picturesque nature, has become the state of choice for the Inquisitor, Charley Harman, to set up his official residence. As well as tourism, Arlof is also a major agricultural producer, second only to Cornershire. It is currently under direct control of the Emperor and Inquisitor.

Hayville on sea

The State of Hayville-on-Sea

Hayville-on-Sea is the M.E's fifth established colony. It is encompassed mainly of suburban area however it is also home to the M.E's first body of water as well as it being within close proximity to the nearest river. This means that Hayville-on-Sea is the official home of the Meowian Navy - lead by Chief Admiral Lucy Hay. It is also home to the University of Jelicaat, a renowned art college and a branch of the Meowian College of Art in Sewell City. It is currently under direct control of the Emperor and Chief Speaker/Admiral Lucy Hay.

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