Republic of Medeka

German: Republik Medeka Indonesian: Republik Medeka

Medenesianr: Republiken ut Medeka
Flag Of Carrum 2013Carrumarms

Steigen meine Brüder und Schwestern, denn wir Ruhm gefunden haben
Germany & England
Capital city Kostenburg
Largest city Friträde
Official language(s) Medenisian
Official religion(s) Secularism
Demonym Medekahni
Government Constituent Country of Amager
- Prime Minister Sebastian Schriber
- Chancellor Edward Von Helkand
Legislature The National Council
Established December 4th 2012
Population 15
Currency Mark
Time zone GMT
National drink Whiskey
National animal Wyvern
Patron saint Claus Von Staffenburg

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The Republic of Medeka (Med-uh-kah), commonly referred to as Medeka, is a state of the Commonwealth of St. Luke and Amager. The nation was an old state of the Saxon Empire until left due it being the only full active state within the nation. Medeka currently maintains a high economy aswell as an average national income and is noted to be one of the richest micronations currently.  The Republic also has one of the largest and well equipped defense forces micronationally and forms the main backbone of Amatine security. Medeka  is located in England and Germany.


The name Medeka comes from the rare Indonesian translation for free, sovereign and self-determined. It was decided that the state would be Medeka on the 21/02/2013. It was said that Medeka expresses what the state is like and its qualities, thus it was chosen.


The flag of Medeka dates back to its first founding, back in 2011 when the state joined the Saxon Empire. The Coat of Arms of the nation that were also used by the Saxon state endorse the flag, with the national colour, dark red, and the serpent dragons, or wyvern, adorning the crest. The crown represents the old monarchy, and shows the states ties to its old and glorious monarchy. The Amatine flag mostly represents democracy, although its precise meaning is not documented.


Pre History

Most of the land was settled on by the Anglo-Saxons both in Germany and England. The nation takes most of its heritage from these cultures and develops itself around them. The Saxons had a large naval battle with rival tribes and eventually won the conflict, keeping the territory as well. Soon the Saxons developed and integrated into larger forces, such as the Norman, or Nordmen, invaders from northern-most France and Scandinavia. As other settlers came and went most of the Saxon culture pulled through, keeping its footprint in English society. Still today, Saxon marks are stil visible in the everyday life of England.

National History

Cärrum began as a small state called the Reich of Forgatta. The Reich was unstable and could not handle affairs properly due to poor understanding of political mechanics. The Reich applied to join the Saxon Empire, and did so. No exact date was confirmed but some time in 2011 the leaders of the nation and the Empire, respectively, discussed the joining. The name was changed along with the flag and culture to replicate and conserve old Saxon history that Cärrum was so rich with. After a period of prospering and happiness, the Empire fell inactive, one by one nations started to leave and the head nation, West Germania, declared inactiveness. Cärrum decided that due to that, they must left and did so a few months later. Cärrum went into limbo, chaning names and flags continiously and the government recognized that stability alone was not in the view and welfare of the state. Under the name Luciania the nation applied to join the Commonwealth of St. Luke and Amager and was accepted into the commonwealth. Luciania then realized that it was losing its essence of Saxon herritage and after a vote, returned to it's old culture and renamed itself back to Cärrum. Again, the goverment did not like the name and thus changed it to Medeka, the first incarnation of the state from the very begining.

The Mak'rath Section

The Mak'rath Section or usually just 'The Section' were a group of nationalist citizens that forced Cärrumian officials to comply with them or else they would of left and taken most of the population with them. The Mak'rath used officials to make Amager comply with their needs to change the state into a more royalist and ancient state from back when Cärrum was a Kingdom. The Section was a royalist syndicate and believed that their contingency would enable the nation to return gloriously. Soon the section gave up, realizing that its plan had failed to have any impact and returned full power to the government. Since then the police have officially cautioned all members of Mak'rath. The Chairman, Sebastian Schriber, noted that the army was to be called in to deal with the threat if necesary but diplomacy soon showed the Mak'rath their mistakes.


The UCC currently hold a transitional government that's watching over as elections are prepared and the political reform of the nation takes place. It was decided on the 5/02/2013 that the government needed major reformation if it was to suceed in running the state well. With the help of Amatine officials, the nation's government shall transform into a more easy, complex and efficient system.


Cärrum has been noted to have one of the largest micronational economy. The nations yearly budget is around £100 and the gross-national income is abount £15 per month. The UCC spend most of its money on defense and culture aswell as Law and Order. The 'Kark' is the currency and it is virtual. To buy and sell goods in the state you have acess to the unique banking system of which you give the person or take their bar code, scan it, and deduct the money from their account. This way, no real expense is spent on the internal money system. Although, the Karks in your account are bought by English pounds and are given to the government on the top of your account. Otherwise, the government would not have enough money to buy things such as flags and rifles. The system works  well and is currently excelling in the national market.

Foreign Relations

Cärrum maintains friendly relationships with as many nations as possible and tries to help friends in any means necesary. The United Cantons has a strict 'No War' foreign policy and will not use armed force unless it is provoked into doing so by actual physical contact. None the less, the Cantons have many diplomatic relationships and alliances with a variety of different micronations across the global spectrum.


The United Cantons only recognizes bordering nations that anounce themselves to Cärrum and have declared independence, not to be confused with actually recognizing the state itself. Macronations are automatically recognized. These are the nations that the Cantons border:

Czechflag The Czech Republic

Union Jack United Kingdom

German flag Federal Republic of Germany

Austria Republic of Austria

Foreign Relations

Cärrum likes to remain friendly with all nations micronationally. Yet, the only ones listed are those that have requested it or been requested for.

Molossia flag Republic of Molossia (Informal)


Empire of Aryavart

Saxonflag Saxon Empire

FlagofSandus State of Sandus

Flag of New Europe Empire of New Europe

Stance on War

Due to strict laws in Amager, any war declared on the state or its constituencies are to be ignored and boycotted. Only if the war is physical and an actual invasion/engagement happens then will the military retalliate with the required force needed. Mostly, Amager sorts things out diplomatically.


The military of Cärrum, the Kantonwehr, is one of the most highly developed micronational forces around the globe.  

The Crossman Tactical Response MP5K

The force uses a variety of weapons supplied and maintained by Schriber Weapons International including the H&K  Tactical Response 71-MP5K with adjustable stock and scope produced by Crossman and modified by Schriber Weapons. Usually using airsoft weapons, the Kantonwehr is also trained in real firearms use, and a variety of citizens are allowed to use arms under macronational law. The force is also equipped with Bundeswehr items, such as Flecktarn combat fatigues for superior prowess in the battlefield.


The United Cantons is planning on producing a youtube channel and is preparing to film a number of videos to promote the state. The nation also holds a national libary of approximately 400 plus books. Aswell as this, the government regulates a national music libary where citizens can download and play tracks of their choice recommended by other residents.