Republic of Merica
Flag of Merica
Merica seal

Thy Day Will Come
Gloucestershire, Wiltshire & Somerset
Capital city Swindon (Proclaimed)
Official language(s) British English
Demonym Merican
Government Parliament
- Prime Minster William Wade
- President James Greathead (Acting)
Population ~2,235,200
Currency Merican Pound.
Time zone BST

Merica, officially the Republic of Merica is a self-proclaimed micronation which claims the British counties of Gloucestershire, Wiltshire & Somerset.


A common mistake is that the name "Merica" comes from either the continents or country of "America", however the name is actually an accidental misspelling of "Mercia", the kingdom established in 527.


Early History

Merica claims to be the direct successor to the Kingdom of Mercia, a sovereign state established in 527 by Icel. The Kingdom was annexed by the Kingdom of the West Saxons in 879.

Modern History

On July 14, 2012, William Wade established the "Republic of Mercia" and declared himself "Prime Minister" and his friend, James Greathead "President".