Provincial Colony of Meropis
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Flag of West Bir Tawil


La unidad es la Paz
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Capital city Hades
Official language(s) English, Maori
Government Monarchy -President
Established 24 September 2010, also a Public Holiday
Currency Meropian Dollars
Time zone GMT + 12

Meropis, officially The Provincial Colony of Meropis formally Republic of Meropis, was a defunct micronation founded in New Zealand, Australasia in 24 September 2010. Centered at capital Hades, it is a Democratic Presidential Republic characterized by popular sovereignty, from political pluralism and the recognition of the rights of freedom and equality. Meropis rejects war as an act of aggression. Meropis recognizes and guarantees the inviolable rights of man, as an individual and in social groups where he expresses his personality, and requires the fulfillment of the mandatory duties of political solidarity, economic and social development. Meropis promotes the development of culture and scientific and technical research.


The Republic of Meropis was founded on September 24, 2010 by Stuart. Stuart has had many attempts at making a micronation, but has struggled. He has finally settled on Meropis, which will be his nation, his people's nation, and the best nation in the world. His previous failed attempt at a micronation was New Greenland. Hades became the capital of Meropis on the same day.

New greenland flag

The 2 February 2010, the president has created a special committee and founded the project "rebirth" that tends to modernize and develop the Micronation. Indeed in recent years, Micronation had been left behind. In addition the Committee has created the Ministry for Development and Propaganda with the aim of developing Micronation.

Rather than have the micronation go to waste, Stuart has had talks with the Principality of Waydina, offering his former micronation to the principality and later West Bir Tawil which it has know become.

Composition of the StateEdit

The republic, being a presidential republic, provides that the election of the President is directed by the people (Voting begins June 15 and end 19, the President takes office Jun. 20) every four years. The President will choose ministers (5) and vice-president. Also the people vote directly members of parliament. The parliament has 10 deputies and 6 senators. Only 4 are elected directly by the people, the other two are the last two former presidents. The Senators will vote every four years (May 5 to 10 and settled on June 1). All members are directly elected by the people. Are elected every two years (May 15 to 25 and settled on January 1). All citizens are eligible to serve as Member and Chairman. To become senators, however, you must have at least once deputies.

National SymbolsEdit

The National Flag and Crest can be seen at the top of the page. The army and department of Defence use the same flag as the National Flag except red stripes instead of green ones, and a black one instead of a white one.


The Republic of Meropis has the following ministries:

  • Ministry of Interior
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • Ministry of Education, University and Research
  • Ministry of Development and Propaganda



The national sport of Meropis is Cross Country Running. Moreover, the second sport is basketball. Meropis also has a football team.

Political PartiesEdit

The Meropian social democratic . Another party that was formed about the beginning of the republic which had many members was the former Meropian Socialist Party, the Nazi clear, as off now by the law of the Principality all political parties are illegal as the law states all have the right to voice there opinions.

List of PresidentsEdit