aka Xhryastin Yurszad

  • I live in Kurzu, Rygena Kurzu, Hokoi
  • I was born on October 27
  • My occupation is President of Hokoi
  • I am Male
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  • Your Excellency,

    My country, Northumbria-Montebourg, would like to form diplomatic relations with yours. Furthermore, we would like to invite you to join the Grand Intermicronational Alliance. This is an alliance that was created during the Great Intermicronational War to fight the League of Countries. However, it now has nothing to do with the war, an it is now a political, not millitary, alliance, and exists to help make nations diplomatically strong, offers protection if a member-state is attacked or enters a war, and serves as a board for discussions between members, offering the opportunity to create new allies and friends.

    One of our main aims is to promote peace, and we believe Hokoi are very good promoters of peace, and so we would be delighted to have you in our alliance.

    We hope you will seriously consider our offer.

    Thank you and kind regards,

    His Majesty King Louis-Frederic-Auguste V

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    • Your Majesty

      The government of Hokoi accept your request. Hokoi agrees to form diplomatic relations with you. Hokoi does believe in micronational peace and freedom, and diplomatic relations makes peace and freedom stronger.

      Thank you,

      His Excellency King Christian I of Hokoi

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