Portrait of Michelle Fransan
Minister of Communications of Pasargada
Personal Information
Born: May 19, 1979 (aged 30)
Birthplace: São Paulo, SP (Brazil)
Residence: Douro (Portugal)
Active since: 2003
Macronationality: Brazilian
Micronationality Governo Virtual (2008-09)Pasargada (2009-)
Political Party: None

Michelle Fransan, also known as Mimi, is a micronationalist and Minister of Communications of the Free Community of Pasargada, known for her spiky interventions in politics and culture.

She was iniatiated in micronationalism as right-wing politician of Governo Virtual (GV), an unorthodox average-sized non-simulationist lusophone micronation based in Orkut. In GV, she has stayed for almost a year intensely within its political-exercise style of micronationry. There, she leaded two relevant offices: Ministry of Communications and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In 2009, she finally became citizen of Pasargada. With salty and hard-line rhetorics, Michelle easily made friends and enemies, always in the heart of national activity.

After a short term as Minister of Felipe Aron´s Government and affiliate to the Pasargadan Federalist Alliance (AFP), she shifted to Pasargadan Heart's ally, helping the political U-turn that happened some months later.

Although newly grounded in Pasargada, she was appointed by Chancellor André Cyranka as Vice-Chancellor for Lusophones, being responsible for conducting Pasargadan business within lusophone sector.

Currently, she is Minister of Communications of José Borrás' cabinet, exerting her special proficience on publicity. Her ministry´s better known accomplishment is the well-organized Communitarian Official Daily (DOC).

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