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MicroWikia (sometimes known as "MicroWiki", although this name more usually applies to the independent site at is a free online encyclopedia seeking to catalogue and document every aspect of the micronational phenomenon. Originally established in 2005, the project aims to establish an English-language micronational equivalent to the well-known and extremely popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia, using the same familiar content creation and maintenance tools.

Like Wikipedia, MicroWikia's content is completely free and available to the general public for fair use. MicroWikia is an open encyclopedia that any user can edit. The website does not attempt to copy or replace the Micronations portal at Wikipedia, but rather to develop a wiki that is able to deal with specific micronational subject matters in greater detail than Wikipedia can under its current policy content.


Whilst Wikipedia typically affords micronations a single page at most and has strict content policies that make it difficult for most micronations to earn a place there, MicroWikia accepts any and all micronations provided they adhere to (considerably more lenient) content policies. Instead of having a simple master page that describes a micronation, editors at MicroWikia can create specific pages for persons, government departments, historical events, important documents, concepts—anything that one could find on Wikipedia about a macronation.

MicroWikia accepts a wide range of content, provided it adheres to the wiki's content guidelines and policies

As a wiki, MicroWikia is maintained by a team of administrative staff, but the actual content of the website is created and edited by ordinary users, or contributors. All of the encyclopedia's articles have been contributed to the wiki by its users, who work together collaboratively. Content on the wiki is provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. This means that anyone can change any of the content on this wiki unless otherwise specified, and take content off this wiki and use it for any purpose. A person's right to do this however is conditional—one must attribute the work to MicroWiki or to its specific creators, and one can only share it under the same license that MicroWikia offers.

Exploring MicroWikia

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