Welcome! This is the Second Community Survey, created by LurkSAR (and currently unapproved by other admins, so it is not official in any way). Take this short survey to help us make MicroWiki a better place! This survey is considered unfinished, please do not take it until it is posted as official!

Furthermore, if this will be considered as official, all users should be notified by a highlighted forum post where they could explain their votes or suggest new solutions.

Table of contents

Your micronation

Importance of micronationalism

<poll> How important is micronationalism to you? Very important Important Not important I don't spend much time on it </poll>


<poll> How "serious" is your micronation? I treat my micronation as a sovereign state and I push for recognition. I treat it as a hobby or a simulation. I combine real world and fantasy elements. I am not a micronationalist (geofiction, etc.). </poll>

Development focus

<poll> Which micronational development do you spend most of the time on? Culture Diplomacy Politics MicroWiki Other </poll>


Wiki improvement

<poll> Where do you think this wiki should improve the most? Friendliness Administration Article style, grammar, etc. User behaviour Policies Site style, templates </poll>

Contested claims

<poll> What to do with contested (dubious, unverifiable) claims? Nothing Mark as contested and let them remain Remove, no punishment Remove, punishment </poll>

Admin team

Sysop improvement

<poll> Where do you think the admin team should improve the most? Friendliness Behaviour Keeping policies Blocking User suggestions </poll>

Thanks for voting!

The Microwiki Team