Author(s) Various
Website Various
Launch date 31 August 2010
Alternate name(s) MicroBall, (archaism) Erusiaball
Genre(s) Political cartoons, comedy.

Microball Comics (popularly referred to as Microballs) are a form of micronational comic designed to satirize current events within the MicroWiki sector. The comics do not have any single author, being created regularly by many different micronationalists. A Microball is a representation of a micronation depicted in the comic - these are typically circular in shape, have white eyes with a black outline, and feature the flag of the nation they represent.


The predecessor of the Microball phenomenon was PolandBall, a similar set of comics satirizing recognized states. After Polandball's creation, the comics became wildly popular. A few comics portrayed Sealand, which may have sparked the Microballs series being created by other micronations and the MicroWiki community.

The first Microballs were created in late August 2010. Microballs were originally shared over Skype, mainly in the Yellow Bear Micronational and Micropolitan Lounge chatrooms, and later came to be shared on both the MicroWiki and OAM Forums, where a thread made to accommodate them can still be seen on the former.


There are five main styles of microballs in comics:

  • Reinhardt, the original format, in which the body, eyes, and flag of a Microball are done by hand.
    • Linden, identical to Reinhardt except the colours on the flag are not separated by additional black lines.
    • Anderson, identical to Reinhardt except outlines tend to be smoother and a less formal font is used for dialogue.
  • Standard, where the body and eyes are done by hand, but the flag is copied and pasted on.
  • Millard, where the body and eyes are made using the ellipse tool, and the flag is copied and pasted on.
  • Danny, where the body and eyes are already made in a Microball template.

Backs of characters

In several issues of Microball, some characters have been viewed from behind. This trend started in February 2011, when Ewan Whitmore of Dallingrad published a microball featuring the back of Pambia ball. The lines seen on the front of the flag were displayed as so on the back but decending from the top left hand corner, instead of horizontally across. In later issues, (especially the Ultamiya Microball series published by David Salapa), flag designs were copied onto the back, but with any major features such as charges and symbols removed.

Legal status

Microballs are generally considered to be in the public domain, as they prominently feature the flags of nations and no claim of copyright is ever known to have been attached to a Microball comic.


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