Lyonesse has entered Microleague Basketball with her own team: Lyonesse Red Lions


  • HRH Lothian I, Prince of Lyonesse

Player Line Up for the Red Lions

  • HG Sidney, Duke of Mausheld
    Coat of arms of the Principality of Lyonesse
  • HRH George, Duke of Ys
  • HG Charles, Duke of Whenah
  • Lord William, Baron Halso
  • Sir Densmore, KBLG
  • Lord Wendell, Earl of Rockfish
  • HRH Mark, Prince Apparent

A Christian based Basketball Team

The Lyonesse Red Lions is a Christian based basketball team.  Members are required to such, to partake in prayer before the games and after.  They must conduct themselves as gentlemen at all times, on and off the court.  Misbehavior on their part could constitute bench time, suspension, or even removal from the Team.

2013 Season

BC Spartak vs.......................Loss........................62-59

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