The Micronational Broadcasting Union, is a union that has as a goal to collect all broadcasting corporations from each member of the WU.


MBU logo
Type: Micronational Public Corporation
Founded January 22nd, 2013
Founder: Mouzilo Empire
Headquarters: Manupol, Mouzilo Empire
President Manu II
Official Channels WMTV1, WMTV2

General Description

Members of the MBU are radio and television companies, most of which are government-owned public service broadcasters or privately owned stations with public service missions. MBU's Members can be from as far north as Finland and as far south as Antarctica, from USA in the west and Japan in the east, and almost every nation from geographical Earth in between. Active Members are those whose states fall within the Micronational Broadcasting Area, or otherwise those who are members of the World Union. The MBU's highest profile production is the Microvision Song Contest, organised by its Microvision Network. Also, the countries represented in the MBU cooperate to create documentaries as well as other kinds of programs.


The idea for the creation of such an organisation, came by HIH, Emperor of Mouzilo,Manu the second, after getting inspired by the European Broadcasting Union. Then, in cooperation with the then existent World Union, he managed to establish this union, which has as a goal, to collect all the Broadcasters from the micronations that were a member of the World Union, and not only, under a big corporation that provides its members with a number of advantages, such as the participation in Microvision


Country Broadcasting organisation National script Abbr. Year
Αμ Mouzilo Imperial Radio-Television Αυτοκρατορική Ράδιο-Τηλεόραση Μουζήλου MRRT


Daniel-Landic flag Daniel-Landic Broadcasting Corporation Daniel-Landic Broadcasting Corporation DLBC
Daniel-Landic flag Dan Television Network (owned by Dan Media Limited, a division of the Dan Group and affiliates)


TBA ||2013

Hasanistan Hasanistan Live TV No data in Hasanistan's language HLTV 2013
UHKBKTHG-flag Euro News Micro-Channel Micro Canal Información Europea ENM 2013
1000px-Flag of New Zealand.svg unknown broadcaster from Republic of Stars unknown  ? 2013
Nicflag2.jpeg World Media TV 1 & 2 No Data in any language WMTV1 & 2 2013
MahusetFlag Mahusetoni TV Mahusetoni Televisiana MaTe 2013
Mahusetan Broadcasting Company Mahusetoni Emitante  MBC  2012
Mahuset Government Mahuseton MaTo 2013
Bulgresia flag Bulgresian Radio & Television Bulgrezxia Radiozx & Televizxas B.R.TV 2013
Flag of Scotannaea Tarragon Media Group plc. 3BN 3BN 2013
Keltsvian flag Television of Keltsvia Keltsvja'Televizje KTV 2013