Micronational Central Powers

Intermicronational military alliance 



MCP Members within Macronations

Anthem "NA"

Headquarters High Command, Grand Hall

Official language English

Membership 3 members

Secretary-General USSflag Harry Fitzpatrick
Vice Secretary-General Flag of the Principality of Lyonesse Lothian I
Inspector UKBKTHG- flag kingdom Eugenio II

– Foundation 19th of May 3013

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 please see Micronational Defense Powers

The Micronational Central Powers, is a military alliance and intermicronational organisation, founded on the 19th of May 2013 by Harry Fitzpatrick, of the USS, which became the first member of the MCP. The MCP is currently done constructing the MCP's Grand Hall, which will be the centre for all MCP discussions. Now the MCP merced with Micronational Defense Command.


The main center of discussion and voting for the MCP is the "Grand Hall". High Command, which is in control of the welfare of the alliance (structural upkeeping), is made up of 3 members; these three of which are permanent, the USS and the Templar Kingdom.

Each representative of the High Command nations is given a position. The Secretary-General, the Vice Secretary-General and the Inspector are given to the three permanent members (they may rotate if they wish), the MCP Inspector is given the job of the Inspector to look into each member state and evaluate membership applications. The inspector also serves as an internal watchdog, to ensure the Alliances rules are respected within the organisation.

The G12

The G12, aka:  "The 12", is an abriviation of: "The Group of 12", this is a group of the 12 most powerfull micronations in the world. These can be found at the top of micronations in this membership list. These 12 would be considered the micronational world powers. Yearly these 12 would be revised, pending on their micronational strenght.


the G12

other MCP members: