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Founding EraEdit

The NKSC was founded in a deal struck in the midst of a chaos that tore down its predecessor, Wyhzette. The terms allowed for the NKSC to be a Soverign Military Order ruled by an absolute hereditary monarchy on the condition that it was to be absolutely serious.   here.

After a certain period of panic and collapse in MicroWiki, the NKSC permanently moved operations to it's respective blog . However, the King and other leaders come to Microwiki to interact with other micronationlists, update news and advise new micronationlists on how to start off.

With a new era of peace and quiet on the wiki dawning, the NKSC returned to adopt the free-leave policy, which stands to the present day, the idea that a micronational leader should be able to project a presence on the wikian community from afar even if inactive or gone from the community, as the leader will be working on micronational affairs. Using this policy, the NKSC has been able to gather local micronationlists, contribute towards peaceful endeavors, and protecting against attacks on national safety.

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