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Micronational Human Rights Alliance
Headquarters: Khazad-Dum Region, Greenwood Province, Kingdom of Lanaa
Official Languages: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin
Date Established: June 4, 2014
Chairman of the Assembly: Octavius I, King of Lanaa
Vice-Chairman: TBD

The Micronational Human Rights Alliance was founded by Octavius I, King of Lanaa on June 4th, 2014. It is dedicated to preserving human rights and civil liberties within all the member micronations and encouraging these values in other micronations. As the Kingdom of Lanaa has an embargo against all nations which restrict the freedom of their people, Communist, Socialist, Fascist, or other Authoritarian governments will not be tolerated.


The Micronational Human Rights Alliance was founded on June 4th, 2014. King Octavius was writing up a doctrine that would place an embargo against Communist, Socialist, Authoritarian or other such governments that strip people of their freedom. He then was able to get a few allies to co-sponsor the embargo. After this, he became increasinly disgusted with certain states which were stripping away their people's essential liberties. In order to remedy this, he decided to create the Micronational Human Rights Alliance, or MHRA. 


The Micronational Human Rights Alliance embargoes any state that oppresses its people. All members of the Alliance will refuse to trade with or even acknowledge countries that have committed human rights violations. Hopefully these embargoes will pressure oppressive nations into giving rights to their people. Additionally, the MHRA spreads awareness about human rights violations in both Macronations and Micronations alike.

Unrecognized Nations

These nations are unrecognized by the Micronational Human Rights Alliance due to serious and pervasive human rights violations. These could include stripping people of basic rights such as freedom of religion, speech, or assembly, or these countries could be involved in violence and oppression against their people.

Unrecognized Macronations

  • The People's Republic of China
  • The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)
  • Israel
  • Russia
  • Eritrea
  • Cuba
  • Belarus
  • Sudan
  • Somalia

Unrecognized Micronations

Member States

Becoming a Member

In order to become a member, one must contact King Octavius. He can be reached on this talk page, the talk pages of the Kingdom of Lanaa, Octavius I, King of Lanaa, or at his user page, user:kingoctavius. The applicant state must not infringe upon basic rights, must not be involved in a cyber war, and must not support any type of totalitarian government.