In micronationalism, media is mainly within the internet. Many micronations have their own on TV channels, radio channels, newspapers and websites.


Most micronationalists often watch television channels in the macronation where the micronation is located in. But as well, they've also introduced their own channels not just only to promote micronationalism on the internet, but also to put micronational-made programme ideas that have never entered macronational television screens. The most popular micronation-made TV show is Micro High from Sciroco, which is a bit like The Simpsons (USA) or Coronation Street (UK) being macronational favourites.

State broadcasters

Each micronation has its own government owned state broadcaster such as the DLBC being the state broadcaster for Daniel-Land.

Most micronational TV channels usually broadcast on YouTube or LiveStream. But on the other hand, DTC and 3BN (Scotannaea) broadcast on WorldTV.

WorldTV and LiveStream have been chosen by some micronationalists to broadcast their programmes due to YouTube not being proper TV.

Most micronational usually show only news or government speeches, but others like 3BN or SBC also show non-news programming.

Most micronational broadcasters tend to not use a Channel ID or ident (usually pre-recorded in-vision continuity), but some like Daniel-Land (DLBC), Monovia (MBC), Sciroco (SBC) and Domanglia (DBS) do use idents and DLBC prefers to use idents.


Radio is not popular thing in micronations as its difficult for micronationalists to broadcast radio on the internet due to not wanting their voices online. One of the fewest include SBC National Radio and DBN Radio, both which are from nations of Sciroco and the Dale Republic.


Most micronations use macronational telephone operators or some create virtual telephone operators that use usually run on macronational telephone operators, such as Daniel-Land and Senya.


Most micronational newspapers can either be:

  • Online: Usually using Wordpress (.com or .org) or Most micronational newspapers use this option.
  • PDF or XPS Format: Saved using PDF. One example is the Egtavian Star.
  • Printed or Hand-drawn: A technique used in Daniel-Land until 2012.

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