Micronational Town Twinning Project

Connecting Micronational Communities through friendship
- Founder Shane Cahill
Established 01/01/2014

The Micronational Town Twinning Project was started by Shane Cahill on the 28th of December 2013. It's aim is to have a micronational version of the Douzelage Project in the EU, to unite micronational communities, and to succeed where the Micronational Authority of Sister Cities failed.


The Micronational Authority of Sister Cities (MASC) was an organization founded in 2009 by the leaders of Bokon HowtonLandashir, and the Slinky Empyre, to help micronations improve relations with another by "twinning" some of their cities and/or other administrative divisions. However, like most micronational projects of the time, it soon fell into dissarray, and then dormancy. However, inspired by such an interesting attempt, and given further ideas by the Douzelage Project, where macronational European towns are twinned with one another, Shane Cahill decided the micronational community could do with something like it.

So on the 28th of December, 2013, Cahill published a blog post on the Micronations Wikia, and soon many nations signed up. A total of 32 towns signed up. The initial plan was that each town would have two pairs, and on the 1st of January the initial draft of the town twinning plan was made.


Original blog post:

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