A micronational corporate top level university (mcTLU) is a type of internet domain generally used by a micronational entity. Several micronations reserve mccTLDs through alternative DNS roots, mainly due to high costs on the ICANN DNS root.

Micronational DNS roots

Several micronations are known to have operated or operate their own DNS roots. The largest and well-known of them all is the Cesidian Root.

Cesidian Root

The Cesidian Root is an alternative DNS root which claims to be a "global internet" which benefits micronations and other similar entities to "utlize this resource for reasons of independence and/or national security. This root claims to have twenty seven servers and offers over 400 domains and custom TLDs.

The Cesidian Root was created by Cesidio Tallini of the ayy lUMMOA. It still stands today as one of the largest alternative DNS roots related to micronationalism.

Non-micronational DNS roots


OpenNIC is possibly the most widely used alternative DNS root, which operates the .micro domain, specifically for micronations. It lists itself as an alternative to ICANN and its registries.

Micronational ccTLDs

There are a few ccTLDs from micronations that are both proposed and/or operational within alternative DNS roots.

Micronation Domain Operational
Keltsvian flag Republic of Keltsvia .kl Proposed Independent
Empire of Atlantium .atla Operational Cesidian Root


Operational Cesidian Root
NZRE Empire .zn Proposed