The Microvision Song Contest is a competition for micronations to compare musical skills and have fun seeing who wins. It took place on the June 10th 2018.

Past Winners

2011 - Republic of Lostiland

2012 - Akharnes


It was hosted by Nirfo and they eventually won the competition by a massive margin of votes.

Competitors (* if they are in quarter Finals)

Flag Name Song Artist Language
Screenshot 2018-05-31-07-39-01 kindlephoto-36757183
Nirfo** Don't stop the music  Initial D English 
Despotate of Vlasynia Flag-0
Vlasynia* Maidanez Puya ft. Doddy, Posset, Mahia and Alex Velea Romanian
Egan This is Egan Adultish Bambino English
Goat Island and Three Sisters Tnp Cectbi Unown Russian
Agelonia* Operator Tres English
Libertia Desteaptate,romane! Romanian
Flag of Alanland-0
Alanland* Mr Blue Sky Electric Light Orchestra English
Westfield* Believer Imagine Dragons English
Baractastain Compro Oro Viito Italian
New Rizalia Don't stop me now Queen English
Paxia* American Idiot Green Day English
Sableaurora (1)
Alimia Un tallarín Alimian National Choir Spanish
Theocratic Laurencia
Laurencia* In The Name of God Powerwolf English