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Microvision 2013 is a singing competition similar to the macronational Eurovision. If you want to have a hosting bid put it under the hosting bid section. There is a first voting round with the top 9 going to the final voting round with Hasanistan automatically qualified to the final hosting round. The competition will be run on January.

First Voting RoundEdit

  1. Mangdublah flag Mangublah - 9 Votes
  2. Flag of St. Robertsburg Dalton - 6 Votes
  3. Flag of Kingdom of Mouzilo Mouzilo - 3 votes
  4. UKBKTHG- flag kingdom Templar Kingdom - 2 Votes
  5. Vetriaflagdesign1 Vetria Microvision Voting Bid - 1 Vote
  6. Daniel-Landic flag Daniel-Land MicroVision Voting Bid - 1 Vote
  7. Flag of Smallia Smallia Microvision Voting Bid - 1 Vote
  8. 306891 3061192548748 779667659 n-1- Mahuest Microvision Voting Bid - 1 Vote
  9. Wisteriaflag Wisteria and Baijan Microvision Voting Bid - 1 Vote

Mangublah and Dalton advance through to the 2nd round.

Mouzilo are disqualified from hosting.

Final Voting RoundEdit

  • Hasanistan Hasanistan
  • Mangdublah flag Mangublah
  • Flag of St. Robertsburg Dalton
  • Flag of Kingdom of Mouzilo Mouzilo has been disqualified.

Triple hosting has been decided.

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