Since declaring independence, Narentia was involved in three military conflicts, mostly against other former micronationalists in the region.

Military of Narentia

Founded 2012
Headquarters Novigrad (de jure), none(de facto)
 Past Conflicts Slevan Reaction,Iryllian Armed Rebellion,Narentian Civil War
Current Conflicts War on Iryllian Communism
President Marek Tomanič
Minister of Defense Milan Lasavski
Supreme command Marek Tvrtković
Active Personell 17
Reserve personell 0
Current deployed personell 17
Standard weapon Spear


  • 1st Division (gen. A. Izbjacki)
    • 1st Regiment (Novigrad,pl. M. Lasavski)-3
    • 2nd Regiment (Slobodarevo, pl. G. Kovač)-2
  • 2nd Division(gen. Z. Tvrtković)
    • 3rd Regiment (Novomostje, pl. V.Vojislav)-2
    • 4th Regiment (Srnska, pl. M . Srnkić.)-2
    • 5th Regiment(Bojnjice, pl. V. Markovič)-1

There were three čatas in the Narentia army:

  • Чата Хајдук- Hajduk čata- volounteer unit
  • Чата Плавобранци- Plavobranci čata-Federal army
  • Чата Народна Бластибрана- Narodna Vlastibrana semi-military unit.
čata Latin name type battles fought
Чата Хајдук Hajduk volounteer unit 4
Чата Плавобранци Plavobranci Federal (official) army 4
Чата Народна Бластибрана Narodna Vlastibrana irregular militia 5

17 .12.2012- 17.5.2013
The reorganization of the Narentian army came on the 17th December 2012.

  • Federal Army
    • 1st Division
      • 1st Regiment (Novigrad)
      • 2nd Regiment (Novomostje)
      • 3rd Regiment (Prizren)
Narentia Army Org
    • 2nd Division
      • 4th Regiment (Legota)
    • 3rd Division (planned)
  • Hajduks (foreign legions)
    • 1st (Slovak) Regiment
    • 2nd (Iryllian) Regiment
  • Narodna Vlastibrana
    • Batalion "A"
    • Batallion "B"


  • Војак (Private)
  • Слабодник(Corporal)

  • Четар (Sergeant)
  • Прапорзик (2nd Lieutenant)
  • Поручик (Lieutenant)
  • Плуковник (Colonel)
  • Маршал (Field-Marshal)
  • General

Weapons and equipment

Most weapons are provided by the Narentian company Prizbroj.

Weapon Ammount Origin
Prak  Pr4X5 2x Prizbroj
Spir AX-3 25x Prizbroj
Spir AX-1 10x Prizbroj
Palitsa Pr 101 10x Prizbroj

Currently, the army is trying to change the weapons from spears to more effective airsoft weaopns.


  1. Novigrad Armory (spears)
  2. Slobodarevo Armory (airsoft weapons)
  3. Novomostje Armory (peasant polearms)
  4. Dvor Armory (peasant polearms)


The Plavobranci uniform consists of a blue coat, the other uniforms have not yet been finished

Past conflicts

Main article:Slevan Reaction, Iryllian Armed Rebellion, Independent State of Lasavia

During the Narentian Civil War, differnet parts of the Army fought against itselves:

The Prizren government was backed by the 3rd Regiment, the Novigrad government by the 2nd Regiment, and the Nationalists by the 1st Regiment and the narodna Vlastibrana. However, the 4th Regiment declared neutrality.

Currently, the 1st and 2nd Regiment are deployed in Novigrad, due investigation of the Cherrycream plot.

Since the 31st October, the 2nd Division led by gen. Tvrtković fights in the War on Iryllian Communism

Ministers of Defense

Ministers of War

  1. Milan Lasavski , NDZ (22.12.2012-17.4.2013)
  2. Slobodan Pavelić PPP (18.4.2014-19.4.2013)

Ministers of Defense

  1. Marek Tomanić NDI (6.5.2013-13.5.2013)
  2. Marek Tvrtković, LP (10.6.2013-21.9.2013)
  3. Milan Lasavski LP (21.9.2013-16.10 2013)
  4. Milan Lasavski KP (16.10.2013-ongoing)

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