Democratic Security Forces
The Mallards
Founded 2015
Service branches Army, Navy, Air Force
Headquarters Guadaña AFB, New Goatannea
Major General Kaan Sarıhan
First Major Deniz Akbaş
Active personnel 7
Reserve personnel 1
Deployed personnel 0
Annual imports Explosives, Steel Batons
Annual exports Plastic Knuckles
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Ranks Pvt, Pvt 1st Class, Corporal, Corporal 1st Class, Second Liutenant, First Liutenant, Captain, Secondary Major, First Major,


Since declaring independence, New Goatannea has fought one war against rebel groups in it's exclaves.



The Mallards Delta

New Goatannean Ground Forces

Air Force

Goatannean Air Forces

Weapons and Equipment


Goatannean Military Ration

Weapon Amount Origin Weapon Type
IKP-1 Virtually Unlimited Oaticgæ Plastic Knuckles
PR-24 2 Imported Steel Baton
WHM-18 1 Uadanagæhrïß Two Handed Machete
KK-100 Virtually Unlimited Imported Gunpowder



War Against Rebels

In early 2016, a war against t


Current camouflage pattern (Left) and the new NGPAT pattern to be used in the future (Right).

errorist acts and rebels happened in a Goatannean exclave, located in Bahçeköy, Northern Istanbul. It started with rebel groups attacking the President and other government officials using slingshots and bricks of ice. At the time most weapons were unavailable, so the only deployed squad was sent. The Mallards Delta charged in and used IKP-1's, which were easy to produce and disposable weapons. It ended with the rebel groups retreating and staying neutral, although some threats are still present, though at a much lower rate than before. The exclave is now being used mostly for government events with heavily guarded rooms.

Goatannean War Against Rebel Groups
Date 3 January 2016 - 6 January 2016
Location New Goatannean Exclave located in Bahçeköy, Istanbul
Result Rebel and terrorist groups neutralized,
Image Captain Deniz Akbaş 4GR Rebel Group
Image Second Lieutenant Yaman Karaman 7GR Rebel Group
Image First Major Kaan Sarıhan Unknown Rebel Leader
Casualties and losses
Minor Injuries Minor Injuries


Mallards Delta Squad Captain, Kaan Sarıhan