This is the official page for the ministries of Grunkia.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is currently led by no one as there is no citizens to help lead it. The Ministry of Health is responsible for the issueing of information for people to be healthy. The Ministry of Health is currently planning to make a "Nutrition Circle", similar to the Canadian Rainbow Nutrition or the U.S. Pyramid version.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the Ministry that oversees everything foreign such as diplomacy and other foreign things. It is currently led by Gunho Kim, the Foreign Minister and the Supreme Leader.

Ministry of National Security

This is the Ministry of National Security, it contains all the generals of the Grunkian Defence Force. It is responsible for the Security of Grunkia. It is led by the Commander In Chief which is the Supreme Leader of Grunkia.

Ministry of Education

This Ministry is responsible for the funding of public schools. It is also responsible for the education of the citizens. It contains all the teacher union leaders. Out of these union leader, one is picked randomly from a bowl. Currently, there is no leader.

Ministry of Justice and Law

This ministry is responsible for maintaning good law and order in Grunkia. It also decides whether a person or not is guilty. It contains the Supreme Court, which is the highest court in Grunkia. It is currently led by no one, but it would have been led by the Minister of Justice.

Ministry of Citizenship

This ministry is responsible for all the citizens of Grunkia. It is responsible of issuing I.D.'s and getting information from new citizens about themselves, so Grunkia knows whether the new citizen is dangerous or not.

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