These are the Ministries of the Appalachian Federation. They handle all tasks and work for the good of the People, as well as the nation. They are the largest employers in the Federation, unsurpassed by even the conglomerate AF National Company

State Ministry

The State Ministry runs all affairs of the Federation government. They are responsible for minimizing damage after disasters, imports and export licenses, census taking, currency circulation, and making life generally simpler and more enjoyable in the Appalachian Federation.

Ministry of Citizenship

The Ministry of Citizenship is responsible for census information, immigration, and civil liberties. It is mostly inactive, but is a formidable organization during activity. Many rumors are floating around that it has a secret police, following the mysterious dissapearance of Ms. A. The Central Committee denies this, but it is widely believed to have a secret police capable of arresting anyone and everyone.

Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is by far the largest Ministry. It deals with organizing people into their areas, supervises the communes, and contains the Central Committee. They regulate the people, enforce the law, and make laws. All decisions pass through the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Ministry of Foreign Relations

The Ministry of Foreign Relations is one of the most powerful Ministries of the Appalachian Federation. They are the only Ministry to work in direct cooperation with other nations. They supervise all relations with foreign nations, and organize business between the Federation and other nations. They also have been criticized for singly declaring war.

Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice is the Ministry tasked with defending and upholding justice in the Federation. They operate mainly in the courts of the various communes, but also occasionally in the Microwiki sphere, if an ambassador has been arrested, so as to inform the community.

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education works to further the minds of all Appalachian Federation citizens. The few schools operated by it are mainly used for micronational information. There are three tiers of the education system, the Low School, High School, and People's University (The first located in the capital city of each Region, the second located in larger Regions, and the last located on Red Square in Federation City).

Ministry of Information

The Ministry of Information is one of the most presitgious Ministries of the Appalachian Federation government. This Ministry contributes to Appalachian Federation society by creating television shows and radio broadcasts. It also updates the greater community on internal affairs and publishes the Appalachian Federation's website.

Ministry of Commerce

The Ministry of Commerce is a larger Ministry in the Appalachian Federation. They are tasked with managing the International MicroStock Market, the AF National Corporation, and the general distribution of wealth and collecting of taxes. They also create the national currency.

Ministry of Defence

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