Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Dradelia
Agency overview
Formed October 2012
Preceding agency Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Dradelia .
Headquarters Ajastat Dradelia
Annual budget None required.
Child agency Embassies, Diplomatic Realations

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Dradelia was created to maintain foreign relations of Dradelia. It manages the foreign relations of Dradelia, as well as nations recognised by Dradelia, nations bordering Dradelia as well as Dradelian passports, border control and Diplomatic Missions


Dradelia currently borders:

  • United Kingdom
  • Dalton


Brotherly Nations

Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation

Diplomatic alliance

  • Kayniastan

Diplomatic relations

Informal relations

Bad Relations

Orginisations Dradelia is a member of.

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