Principality of Akharnes
Spoken in Principality of Akharnes, Dradelia, Alsoomse
Total speakers 4
Language family Indo-European
  • Balto-Slavic
    • Slavic
      • Miro-Daltonese
        • Mirolian
Writing system Russian Cyrillic, Freyan
Regulated by The Mirolian Language Committee

The Mirolian language is one of the offical languages in, Dalton, the Principality of Akharnes and Alsoomse.

Akharnes seal Federal Republic of Akharnes
People Edward JacobsMarko Damjanovic
System President of AkharnesNational Congress
Political Parties National Party of Akharnes
Language MirolianDradelian
Religion Orthodox Christianity
Sports BC Spartak
Symbols Akharnian State AwardsSymbols of Akharnes
National Armed Forces

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