Moltovian Social Republic

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Moltovian Social Republic
Moltovia Social Republic200px-Fascist Eagle.svg

"One Land, One People, One Doge"
Capital city City of Moltovia
Largest city City of Moltovia
Official language(s) English, Italian
Official religion(s) Catholicism
Demonym Moltovian
Government Fascist Single-Party Republic
- Doge Samuel Cardenas
Legislature National Congress of the Fascist Party
Established 7 June, 2013
Population 16
National animal Eagle

Moltovia, officially the Moltovian Social Republic, is a Fascist State led by the Doge, Samuel Cardenas, and his Fascist Party. The Party and the State are nearly one in the same, with the Fascist Party National Congress serving as de facto legislature for Moltovia.

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