The Monarchical Republic of Santi, sometimes referred to as the Republic of Santi or simply as Santi, is a micronation landlocked within the territory of the Russian Federation, near Moscow. It was officially founded by the T Royal Family in May 2015 on 1,400 square meters of land owned by said family, however it was decided that the micronation should not be a monarchy but rather a republic. The family consisted of King A.T the 1st, Queen I.A the 1st, Prince A.M.T, Princess T.A.T and Prince N.D.T.

A.M.T was appointed as Acting President until proper governmental arrangements could be made. A complete government and cabinet of ministers has not yet been formed, however there have been some political arrangements and delegations of duties.

Territory & Landmarks

The Monarchical Republic of Santi lies on a 1,400 square meter territory near Moscow, fully landlocked by the Russian Federation on all sides. There are three buildings and a park on the territory of the micronation.

Palazzo Della Saggezza

The Royal And Governmental Palace, better known as the Palazzo Della Saggezza (Palace of Wisdom), is a three story building located towards the north-west of the territory. It houses the living quarters of the T Royal Family, as well as offices, diplomatic and ceremonial halls, and a relaxation area.

The Palazzo Della Saggezza was in construction from 2002 and was completed in 2010. It is the residence of the Royal Family and two other members of the population. It is also the main (and single) recreation centre in the micronation, and is the venue for all diplomatic and social events.

Palazzo Nel Sud

The Palazzo Nel Sud (South Palace) is located directly south of the Palazzo Della Saggezza. It is a two story building which was built at the same time as the former. The bottom level houses a two-car garage, which is currently used as the micronation's reserve stockpile, and the living area of one of the members of the population is located on the second floor.

Padiglione Pino

The Padiglione Pino (Pine Pavilion) is a structure located in the south-east corner of the territory, at the opposite end of the park from the two main buildings. It is not used in winter due to buildup of snow and the fact that it is not advisable to sit in a pavilion in negative temperature.


The Monarchical Republic of Santi operates on a complex governmental structure. It was founded by the T. Royal Family which resides on the territory of the micronation, but has no more control over political, judicial or logistical decisions than ordinary citizens.


The President is elected by the citizens of Santi in a General Election every two years. There is no limit on the number of terms a President can serve. There are no legal or qualifying limitations on Presidential candidates, except that they must be over the age of 15 and in an adequate mental state - a Presidential candidate can be a member of the Royal Family. The current President is Prince A.M.T.

Cabinet of Ministers

The Cabinet of Ministers is selected by the President, however Ministers can be stripped of their power and position by a >70% vote by the citizens. Each heads their own Department of Government and makes all required decisions in that field. The Cabinet of Ministers can be bypassed or vetoed by the President.

Judiciary System

The judiciary system of the Monarchical Republic of Santi consists of the High Court of the Republic of Santi, which handles all legal matters within the micronation which do not concern other micronations or macronations. The High Court is presided over by the Honorary Judge, who is elected by the citizens every two years at the same time as the President, however there is currently no appointed Honorary Judge and the High Court has never been in session.


The name means saints in Italian, one of the micronation's three official languages.


Despite its location, landlocked within Russia, Santi has a richly diverse culture.

Ethnic Origins

The permanent residents of the Republic of Santi are predominantly Russian and Ukrainian in origin, though four are also citizens of the United States. There are many nationalities amongst the non-residential citizens of the micronation, for example German, French, British, Finnish and even Argentinian.


Food from all around the world is eaten in the micronation, however pasta with pesto sauce and melted parmesan is considered to be the national dish.


The Monarchical Republic of Santi has no set or government-supported religion, though several residents are Russian Orthodox.

National Symbols

The national animal of Santi is the eclectus roratus parrot. A female of the species, named Lara, resides in the Palazzo Della Saggezza. The national flower is the rose - many roses of different types grow in the park on the territory of the micronation.


The political system of the Monarchical Republic of Santi runs on a relatively simple principle - 'stay on the good side' of as many nations as possible. This is accomplished with the political tactics described below.


Santi has no embassies or consulates anywhere in the world, however if diplomacy between the micronation and another country is required, an Ambassador is sent. This Ambassador can be a government official, an ordinary citizen or a member of the Royal Family. In this case there is a preference towards the Family, as an Ambassador would have to represent the Monarchical Republic of Santi, an a member of the founding family would be most able to do so effectively.

Political Relations

The Monarchical Republic of Santi is not currently engaged in political relations with any micronations or macronations. It is, however, open to any diplomacy.

Unrecognized Macronations

The Monarchical Republic of Santi does not recognize the following macronations as valid states:

  • Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  • Palestine
  • Donetsk People's Republic
  • Luhansk People's Republic


The Monarchic Republic of Santi does not currently posses military forces.

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