Monarchist League
Intermicronational organisation
Headquarters Estelleton, Principality of Lyonesse
Official language English
Membership 13 member states

Royal Consul
Consul pro temp.

Flag of Lyonesse Lothian I
25px Hayden I
Flag of the Kingdom of Bolcar Todd I

Foundation April 6, 2013

The Monarchist League is an intermicronational organization based in North America. The aim of the Monarchist League was originally to unite micronations where the head of state is a monarch. 


The Monarchist League was created on April 6, 2013 by Todd I of the Kingdom of Bolcar to bring together Micronations where the Head of State was a ruling Monarch.

Fellow Wikian Lothian I quickly took interest in the project and the two decided to launch the page. Todd I quickly was overwhelmed with the work and withdrew from the creative process and the wiki itself for several months.

As of September 23, 2013, ML held its largest numbers with 15 member states, making it the largest voting block association on MicroWIki Wikia.  Since then, membership has dwiddled but, the League is still active at points.


The purpose of the League is to bring together the Micronational Monarchies throughout the World, who in King Todd's own words, "Are a rare breed". These Micronation Members will mutually support each other in times of crisis' and war (with few exceptions). If a nation wants to join the League, it must go through the Royal Council voting process. Once a Micronation is accepted by the current members through a simple majority vote, it may only be removed for the following reasons:

  • At the Nations request
  • Declaration of hostile intent upon another fellow member Nation.
  • By a two thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Royal Council for a stated reason.

The further purposes of the Monarchist League are to promote the creation, structure, and maintaining of Monarchies throughout the Micronational World and aid toward their success as Micronationalists.  The Micronational World is vast with many different types of nationals and governments, some joining large organizations where many different types of governmental bodies are gathered together in peace and mutual cooperation.  To this end the Monarchist League shall strive to be for its Royal Monarchy member states.

Ruling Body of the Monarchist League

The ruling body of this organization shall be the Royal Council. At its head shall be the Royal Consul, elected by the Council to a one year term of office, beginning each April 6th of that year. The Royal Council shall be made up of every member Nation's head of State or appointed official representative of that Nation to the Council.  As in a "Round Table" type organization each Micronation will have a voice, each shall have a vote in this organization. Some organizations have an executive committee or body to rule the everyday affairs of their perspective bodies but, the Monarchist League is an executive body, made up of Royal dignitaries from across the World.  The Royal Consul shall appoint a Parliamentarian to his term of office for the purposes of maintaining order during meetings and should the Royal Consul become unable to fulfill the obligations of his term of office and step down for any reason, the Parliamentarian shall serve as the head of the Royal Council until he can arrange for a special election for a new Royal Consul. This special election must be conducted within one month's time from the date of the vacated office. The Royal Council may also remove the Royal Consul from his office by a 2/3 majority vote of "No Confidence", at which time the Parliamentarian shall again affect the duties of his office.

A Consul Pro Tem shall also be elected to a one year term of office for the one specific purpose, should both the Royal Consul and the Parliamentarian vacate their offices at the same time, the Consul Pro Tem shall serve in the capacity of the Parliamentarian for the previous purposes stated.


Membership into the Monarchist League shall be strictly limited to Micronations with established Monarchal governmental bodies(i.e., Absolute, Constitutional, or Empirical Monarchies, etc.). Each applicant shall be voted into the League by the available Member States during the time of the voting process selected for this applicant by the serving Royal Consul. The applicant must carry a majority vote of those available Members to be inducted.


Board of Trustees Members (by date of entry)

Kingdom of Bolcar

Principality of Lyonesse

Other members (by date of entry)

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees shall serve as an "advisory board" to the serving Royal Consul.  The Trustees shall be the Royal Heads of State, one each, from the five "oldest active membered Nations" in the Monarchist League.  The Trustees shall advise and aid the newly elected Royal Consul in the day to day operation of the League and provide any other assistance that the Royal Consul should need in the service of his term of Office.  Should a member of the Board of Trustees become inactive, the Trustees shall select another member as soon as possible, providing that name to the Royal Consul for induction as a Board member.  Being a member of the Board of Trustees is an honorary position only, to honor the "oldest" active member Nations.


Royal Consul: Lothian I of Lyonesse

Consul pro tempore: Hayden I of Paxia          

Parliamentarian: Todd I of Bolcar            

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