Greetings to all of our Member States of the Monarchist League and members of this fine Wiki. I wish to thank you for the support in the elections recently and to congratulate TheIrishNational on his election as Consul ProTem and the appointment of King Todd I as Parliamentarian for this year.

Many things are occurring as of late, with the Wiki, the Monarchist League, and membership in general. I have been approached by several members as to what the Monarchist League will do.  As to our presence on the new Micropedia site, I believe it is in our best interest to make our presence there and anywhere Micronationalists Monarchies are present. It is my intent to make this League a world-wide organization representing ALL Monarchies where they are established and within any forum they happen to be upon. Wikia will be here. Micropedia will be there and so shall we. I am looking to the formation of the League at and several other venues as well.  These moves shall be voted upon before they are made, as we will ned constant representation on those sites.

Our primary goal for the League, should always be the promotion of the League itself and gaining members where we can at all times. All current members of the Monarchist League should strive to tell others of the League, bring in new member States, and suggest improvements to the League at all times. That makes us useful and productive and a service to our people.

Let's all have a properous coming year and concentrate on our growth, our standing in the Micronational Communities, and improve our League whenever and wherever we possibly can. Thank you all.

HRH Lothian I, Prince of Lyonesse and Royal Consul of the Monarchist League

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