King of Afondale
Afondale CoA
Royal Coat of Arms of Afondale
Dan Wilcox Portrait
Dan I

Style: His Grace/His Majesty
Heir apparent: None
First monarch: Dan I
Formation: 15 December 2007

The Kingdom of Afondale has a monarchy which governs the country.


When Afondale was created, the title of King was created with it. Dan Wilcox proclaimed himself the first monarch and appointed his cousin Kieran as Heir apparent. However in early 2010 Kieran ruled himself out of the succession, meaning there is no current Heir apparent and Afondale will have to be dissolved if Dan I leaves the monarchy.


Although Afondale is a Constitutional Monarchy, the King/Queen of Afondale is not entirely ceremonial. The Monarch has a free seat in the National Assembly and has the right to pass a referendum of confidence over it, although this has never been exercised. The Monarch's ceremonial roles include formally creating and dissolving the National Assembly and officially signing a bill to become law.

Afondale Flag

Kingdom of Afondale

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