Monovish Unionism was an ideology that was against Chinobian Independence. It believed in loyalism to the Domanglian Emperor, and in the expansion of Domanglia into Sheffield. Although only a small amount of Monovians supported the Domanglian Empire, notable supporters included the Kingdom of Juju, Monovia (and later Adjikistan), and some sects within the Monovish tribe


The first occurance of Monovish unionism was when the Monovian Government ceded Fitzpatrickstein to the growing Domanglian Empire. During the First Chinobian War, Domanglia's help for Monovia against the Chinobians raised Domanglia's popularity amongst Monovia's inhabitants, this is often blamed for the later creation of Monovish Unionism.  

During the time that Monovia was known as Amir, many Monovians began to become unhappy about the theocratic Government, and some groups even suggested an eventual Domanglian annexation of Amir. In return for the re-opening of Diplomatic Relations between Amir and Domanglia, Amir ceded Chinobe to Domanglia. During the Second Chinobian war, when Seperatists took control of most of Chinobe, Amir's new incarnation, Adjikistan, pledged to help Domanglia. 

Soon, Emperor Dominic asked the Kingdom of Juju for support, the Juju's accepted and played a major role in the war. Meanwhile, inside Chinobe itself, a movement of loyalty to Domanglia was created, which eventually led to chaos within Chinobe. In a open act of loyalty to the Domanglian Emperor, Adjikistani troops occupied, and later ceded large areas bordering Chinobe. Eventually, the Kingdom of Juju declared its allegiance to Domanglia and dissolved. For a time, the Domanglian Empire was the largest Sheffield-Sector micronation, overtaking Adjikistan. The Chinobian Rebels, outnumbered and under siege, surrendered to Domanglia. 

However, on Halloween 2011, the Domanglian Empire suddenly collapsed, throwing the Sheffield-Sector into chaos, Chinobe reverted back to its pre-Monovian status as a tribal faction, whilst the rest of the Empire's Sheffield colonies where either annexed by Adjikistan, or or became under the control of Warlords. 


Despite the Empire's dissolution, small unionist groups continued to thrive in some areas. Some unionist tribes located near Chinobe did not know of the Empire's dissolution until September 2012. It remains a part of Monovish tradition to salute both the Domanglian Imperial Eagle and the Monovish flag, a reference to Over-Lorrokhan monarchism. In October 2012, there were proposals to cede Fitzpatrickstein back into the Over-Lorrokha Republic. A Monovian, Harry Fitzpatrick, was once the Over-Lorrokhan King.