The Monovish people are a tribal group of mostly Celtic origin, located primarily in Bradway, in the South of the British city of Sheffield. Most Monovians are from Irish descent, and would have spoken Gaelic languages centuries ago, but there are also Monovish Scots in Chinobe and many Anglo-Monovians in both Chinobe and Monovia


Most people recognise the orginal members of Harry Fitzpatrick's early clan as Monovish. At one time, the Monovian people ranged across the entirety of Southern Sheffield, although after various tribal conflicts they have retracted to Bradway. During the Second Chinobian War, most Monovians joined the Chinobian revoloutionaries, although some sects within the tribe declared support for the Domanglian Empire, this came to be known as "Monovish Unionism". 



Areas inside the Green line are primarily Monovish.

Monovia is the only micronation in which all residents are Monovish. Although sereval citizens who do not reside in Monovia are not Monovish. Chinobe as well as Pashema have large and prominent Monovish communities, mostly made up of Monovish-Scots. 

The Juju's

For a while, the Monovian people were known as Juju's in Chinobe and Franksland, the Juju's had there own Pagan religion and festivals. The Kingdom of Juju was a major factor in the Second Chinobian war, as it fought on the side of the Domanglian Empire.