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The Republic of Mosaika

"Do The Unthinkable"
Capital city Kes, Mosaika
Largest city Draes, Mosaika
Official language(s) English
Demonym Mosaikan
Government Republic
- Last election - April 27, 2013
Established March 18, 2013
Population 12
Currency Tiles
Time zone PST

The Republic of Mosaika, or informally known as Mosaika, was founded on March 18, 2013, making it a fairly new nation. Mosakia is a land locked country in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon. Taken from the word "Mosaic", an art of broken colored objects being put togethor to make a beautiful image, the name reflects the prime example of used to depict this new mirconation.


Mosaika was founded by Dagney Ann I and was elected as the leader into office on April 27th, 2013. The term served by a leader is 2 years. The offical day of Independence is March 18, declared as the beginning date to the "Mosaic Festival" . The festival runs for 4 days. Mosaika does not have a long history, though it has gained a few citizens and officials since then. 

Government & PoliticsEdit

Mosaika funtions as a Republic, with elected officals and leaders who promise, and sworn into office to protect the country and help progress the country on a economical base. The central govenment itself has not been established for a long time, so not all functions have been unlocked. 

Law & OrderEdit

Police have not been deployed yet, for there are no offical police. There are volenteers who deticate their time to make sure that the law in appiled everywhere in the nation. No judical branch or otherwise has yet been decided


Mosaika does not have a true military force, though members of government and many other citizens are trained in the using of weaponry during a time of war. 

Geography & ClimateEdit

Boundries of Mosakia is only the house an yard in which the leader lives on, so not much can be told of the geographical data until the land plot grows in progression. The climate of Mosaika is very humid or wet depending on the time of the year. This nation can grow things rather well, but only in summer or spring. It is too overcast to to grow otherwise. During the winter, it will not snow, and when it does, it's a thin sheet that barely covers the leaves on the trees. The ground in very furtile and can be dry, depending on the time of the year, so it requires attention. 


<p style="text-align:center;">The Mosakian economy is widely based on the creation of art and jewerly, along with the growing of fruits. 


Art and writing are a widely known piece of the culture, for it is the bases of Mosaika. Historic pieces play a very important part of this culture, for the people learn from the downfalls of people of history. The national motto adopted upon the unbringing of Dagney Ann I into office is "Do the Unthinkable", meaning that she is wanting to see this nation do above what other's have tried; to take things one step further.

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