Mouzilo has several national symbols, such as its flag, its Coat of Arms as well as other official and unofficial emblems ranging from standards to foods and drinks.


Flag of Mouzilo Empire
See adjacent text.
Names "I Vizantini" (The Byzantine), "I Kitrini" (The Yellow)
Use National flag and ensign FIAV 111111.svg FIAV normal.svg
Proportion 1:2
Adopted February 2, 2013- To date
Design A yellow flag that has a double headed eagle on its centre
See adjacent text.
Name Alternative flag, Imperial Flag
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 2013
Design A tricoloure flag of Black, White and Red including a two-headed eagle near its centre.

The current flag of Mouzilo is inspired by the flag of the Greek Orthodox Church, the flag of the Autonomous Republic of Mount Athos as well as the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman). It displays a double-headed eagle, emblem of the Orthodox Church and the Palaiologoi Dynasty (the last dynasty of Byzantium), on a yellow field. Some say that this flag is identical to the ones referred above, but if someone looks carefully, he can easily spot the difference in the proportion (the flag of Athos is 2:3 approx., but the one of Mouzilo is 1:2). This flag was used in order to emphasize on the faith of the Empire, the Greek Orthodoxy, but also to note that Byzantines are their ancestors, but also that the Byzantine tradition and customs are strong in this area. Finally this flag is meant to mean that Mouzilo wants to have the glory and power of the Byzantine Empire as well as the need for reviving it.

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