Autonomous Republic of Mouzeliot Hasanistan
Mouzeliot Hasanistan FlagM H CoA

Official language(s) English, Greek, Turkic Languages
Demonym Virgonian, Hasanistani, Mouzeliot, Hasanomouzeliot
Government Monarchy
- Emperor of Mouzilo Manu II
National sport Rollball

Sultanate of Virgo is a constituent nation of the Mouzilo Empire. Virgo is bordered by Hasanistan by the west.


Virgo (as it was initially called) originally was part of the Grunkian Commonwealth. After Grunkia dissolved for a short time it joined the Synomos of Nyclos. Nyclos later, applying to become a part of Amager, offered Hasanistan to take over Virgo. Hasanistan declined and Virgo was a short-time independent micronation. Now it is part of Mouzilo and renamed to Mouzeliot Hasanistan. On the 03/03/2013, a war of independence broke out against Mouzilo, it stopped with the Treaty of Batyr.

Virgo Independence Group

This is a group created around an independent Virgo. It was involved in the war of independence which ended with the Treaty of Batyr.

Political Parties

Diplomatic Relations


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